natural grass cant hold up to traffic

26 Mar 2018

Why Natural Grass Can’t Hold Up to Heavy Traffic

Spring is already upon us, and it time to get your lawn ready for the summer’s activities. Maybe your kids are dying to play catch in the backyard, maybe you’ll adopt that mastiff you had your eye on at the shelter, Maybe you finally throw that backyard BBQ you’ve been dreaming about.

Hold it!

If you have a natural grass lawn, you’ll need to adjust your plans.

For all of its beauty, traditional, natural grass is just not suited to tolerate heavy foot traffic. In short, if you throw regular outdoor parties on the lawn, let some of the neighborhood kids regularly play games on the front yard, or have your dog running hot laps on it, you might end up spending a frustrating amount of time and money just trying to keep your grass presentable.

Grass, by nature is a delicate plant. Even when its at its most robust, it doesn’t take much to wear it down or damage it.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. The Blades:

Every individual blade of grass is vulnerable. Too many steps on it can damage the crown and upper roots. This is why hosting a party on the lawn can be devastating for its health and appearance. Every footfall causes damage to your grass.

2. Loose Soil:

Too much activity when wearing shoes or riding vehicles that dig into or pierce the ground will loosen the soil and tear up chunks of the earth. This is the reason why playing catch while wearing baseball cleats or practicing your dribbling while wearing soccer cleats in the backyard might not be a good idea. Dogs running can tear up chunks of grass and earth as well, and that is of your dog isn’t a digger!

3. Compaction:

The result of constant, back-and forth walking and running is soil compaction, which has several detrimental effects on the soil and lawn:

  • Increased bulk density, which destroys the larger capillaries in the soil.
  • Decreased water infiltration, resulting in reduced ability to irrigate soil.
  • Decreased percolation, resulting in decreased drainage.
  • Reduced oxygen diffusion rate, resulting in nutrient deficiencies and reduced microorganism activity.

Compaction is the reason why repeated social gatherings or several highly active pets can kill a lawn and make it very challenging to bring back at all.

The challenge of keeping a lawn pristine often drives homeowners to go elsewhere to enjoy activities that they should be able to undertake at home. This creates a dilemma for every situation in which the cost of lawn damage is weighed against the inconvenience of a change in plans.

Of course, we have a solution to this problem:

Installing synthetic grass. Synthetic grass is not susceptible to the durability failings of natural grass. Synthetic turf is designed to stay resilient and beautiful, even under the pressures of high use, so its individual blades will not be damaged from foot traffic. Synthetic grass is anchored together, so it will never have divots or uneven spots. And finally, compaction is a non-issue for synthetic grass.

Synthetic turf allows homeowners to make big plans for their yards without the worries associated with damage and the ensuing repair. Adults are free to throw social gatherings and barbecues. Kids are free to play as hard as they want, and your pets can zoom around to their heart’s content.

Then there are the practical benefits to synthetic grass. Installing a synthetic grass lawn will save you work and money. Your water bill will decrease and the need to buy expensive lawn equipment is eliminated. Also, you can feel proud that by getting rid of that old yard and installing a gorgeous, maintenance-free synthetic grass lawn, you are reducing your carbon footprint and truly making a positive environmental impact for our world.

Pacific Grass & Turf can help you design a beautiful, environmentally conscious landscape for your home or business. Contact us today to learn even more about the benefits of installing a synthetic grass lawn at your home or business.

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