03 Apr 2018

What Does Blade Count Mean to the Quality of Artificial Grass?

When you are considering investing in an artificial grass lawn to enhance your home’s landscaping, there are many different terms that you will come across. In previous blog posts, we offered simple definitions for many of the words you will encounter. To help you understand the terms even more; this article is going to apply them.

Artificial grass comes in a vast array of textures, colors, measurements, and durabilities. Determining what type of synthetic grass suits your design intentions is a fairly straightforward process, but can be confusing at times too. When you are comparison shopping for artificial grass, the blade or stitch count is an important factor to be mindful of. Typically, the higher the stitch count is, the better quality the artificial grass product is.

The number of individual grass “blades” per square inches is the stitch or blade count. So, in general, a higher blade count will be more durable in high-traffic areas or yards with pets. In areas with low traffic, say a commercial lawn, or side yard, for example, the synthetic grass won’t require as high of a blade count, so it is important to consider your applications.

Take a look at our product comparison guide here. 

Another component to consider when shopping for a synthetic grass lawn is the gauge-or distance between the rows of grass. So, more tightly packed blades are ideal for a putting green for better ball travel across the green, whereas as a wider gauge might be fine for a baseball, football or soccer field.

The first step in choosing the right artificial grass for you is determining how, where, and how often your synthetic grass will be used. If you have pets or children who love the playing in the yard it might be best to get a lawn that has a higher blade count and a wider gauge. If you are more interested in putting a putting green in your backyard it would be best to use a synthetic turf that has a closer gauge and a higher stitch rate.

No matter what your lifestyle or family can dish out, Pacific Grass & Turf has got you covered. Our design team can help you choose the perfect artificial grass solution for your home or commercial property. Contact us today to learn more.

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