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03 Apr 2018

The Value of Artificial Grass for Apartment Complexes

In the greater Sacramento-area, more and more residents are making the change to artificial grass at their homes and businesses. We are seeing a dramatic increase of artificial grass for apartment complexes being installed. From synthetic grass dog runs and playgrounds, to pool surrounds and rooftop patios. Even though your residents may not have a full yard to themselves, its important to provide attractive, and usable community spaces for them.

Installing artificial grass in your apartment complex will provide a number of benefits to your residents, and to your bottom line. Read on and we will discuss some of those benefits.

Synthetic Grass Builds Community Among Residents

A common reason people choose to live in an apartment building instead of a single-family home is that they do not have to worry about maintaining a yard. It gets taken care of for you, and (usually) is factored into your monthly rent payments.

For the property’s landscaping staff, it can be a huge undertaking to care for the vast expanses of grass and landscaping that covers most of the property. There is usually no way for the maintenance of an entire apartment complex to be completed in a single day, and that does not factor in the rest of their duties on the property.

A great way to simplify the duties of your property’s maintenance staff is to install synthetic grass. Despite the fact that an artificial grass lawn requires far less time and money to maintain, it will look beautiful for years!

Artificial Grass Can Be Customized to Integrate with Any Landscaping

Another great feature of artificial grass is its flexibility. Typically, we install synthetic grass in a yard, but there are countless other places it can be used. You can install it around a pool, on a playground, or even in a football stadium. No matter where you utilize artificial grass, it will look beautiful and verdant for a decade or more, with very little upkeep.

Synthetic Grass Minimizes Water Use and Labor

Artificial grass is very low-maintenance. You will not need to pay for a gardener to keep it looking lovely all year long. Synthetic grass also never needs seeding, fertilizer, mowing or pesticides, which further reduces the amount of labor involved.

Artificial grass never needs to be watered either, and when you think about how much an apartment complex spends on water each year, the savings can be astounding. The only water it will ever need is the occasional hose-down for cleaning.

Artificial grass from Pacific Grass & Turf is an ideal option for apartment building and condo complexes. It’s eco-friendly, practical, and looks beautiful, year after year. If you are considering synthetic grass at your property, contact the experts at Pacific Grass & Turf today. Our design team can help you make your apartment complex truly stand out.

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