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11 Apr 2018

The Golfer’s Dream: A Home Golf Green

Playing golf is for sure a delightful thing, but going to the golf course comes with a series of preparations that require time that we could otherwise use to work on our short game.

With warm weather beginning for the season, are you looking for a way to improve your golf game, bond with your kids, or entertain at backyard gatherings? Sacramento, putting greens in your backyard are a good option for those looking for a nice addition to their home.

As most golfers know, putting greens are finely cared for, cut short and smooth, which is not only difficult but time consuming with natural grass. And, putting in your own backyard on real grass isn’t the best practice with the dips, holes and weeds to block your way.

Artificial Grass Can Make Golfer’s Dreams Come True

Whether you are a pro, an amateur or just a golf enthusiast, having a golf green in the privacy of your own home is a dream come true for many. Pacific Grass & Turf can help those dreams become a reality. We can custom-tailor a golf green to your unique skill level and goals. We can add custom breaks, embankments, hole placement, and so much more, making sure your home golf green never gets boring or played out.

Backyard synthetic grass golf greens are becoming more and more popular as the quality of synthetic turf products has improved. Every synthetic grass product installed by Pacific Grass & Turf has been rigorously tested for durability, quality and consistency. Our artificial turf golf greens provide smooth, consistent, predictable ball movement, which will help you improve your skills.

If you are a golf lover who is dedicated to improving your technique, then an artificial turf putting green is perfect for you. It is a great way to enhance your short game without going to the course. Synthetic grass putting greens are a great way to get your putting skills up to par. The resilience and consistency of artificial turf in nearly impossible to get out of natural grass, unless you’ve got a PGA groundskeeper on staff, that is.

Synthetic Grass Golf Greens Provide:

  • Endless enjoyment for your friends and family
  • Increase home value
  • More time to practice your golf game
  • Improved golf skills
  • A very easy method to get off the sofa and on the putting green
  • A nice, convenient, putting area is just steps away

In golf, natural grass takes a beating, and holes, divots and bare spots become common. With a synthetic grass putting green, no matter how much you practice, it will never wear out, go bald, or get matted. And with a variety of turf colors, textures, and lengths, you can truly make your home golf green one of a kind.

The versatility and variety of textures, colors and heights are what make the artificial grass an increasingly used product in sports, such as golf, football, baseball and soccer. It is designed to hold up to the hardest play, and that’s why it is often used by the NFL and MLS.

Check out our Product Comparison Guide here.

Guaranteed Products and Service from Pacific Grass & Turf

When we install artificial grass, our service and experience is unmatched. Your new artificial grass lawn will stay beautiful and in perfect putting condition for a decade or more.

If you’re looking to step up your game, synthetic grass putting greens provide the accessibility to practice and indulge your hobby as much as you want. And that extra practice can keep you calm, cool, and collected at an important moment in a serious game with your golfing buddies or business partners.

Because of these and many other reasons a golf green at home is a golfer’s dream. At Pacific Grass & Turf, we provide synthetic turfs with the features you want and need to improve your short game. Contact us today, and see how quickly your golf game improves with a home golf green from Pacific Grass & Turf.

Contact us today and schedule a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION for your dream golf green. 

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