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23 Feb 2018

Why Games are Better on Artificial Turf Baseball Fields

Better Game Play with Artificial Turf Baseball Fields

Its no secret around the office that baseball season is my favorite time of year. One of the things that makes baseball America’s Favorite Pastime is that it is just as engaging for the fans as is it for the players. There is nothing quite like the view of the players running out onto a pristine field, in their tidy (for now) uniforms, getting ready to play ball. The field is just as vital to the game as the players, and more and more ball clubs and league are taking advantages of the many benefits artificial turf baseball fields have to offer.

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Baseball and Softball Fields

Steve Malliet, a baseball enthusiast and club owner has many praises to sing about the benefits of artificial turf baseball fields. Here is some of what he shared:

Stockpiles of grounds maintenance product such as fertilizers, pesticides, topdressing mixes, infield conditioners and chalk have been eliminated. For that matter, so has the need for a traditional grounds crew. tarps are now obsolete. Whereas teams playing on natural grass and clay, including Malliet’s River City Rascals in O’Fallon, Mo., might burn through uniforms every other season, the Cornbelters are just now replacing their debut unis as they head into season four, and Malliet maintains they could have gotten another season out of them had he been able to resist the lure – strictly from a merchandising standpoint – of the switch. In Normal, he says, “we don’t spend near the money on detergent and stain removal.”

Baseballs stay whiter, too. The Rascals go through 350 dozen balls a season; the Cornbelters only 250 dozen. Cornbelter balls rarely even get wet, because the field – infill synthetic turf over a stone base and perforated-pipe drainage system – can handle a foot of rain per hour. Only twice in three years have persistent rains soaked players sufficiently to cancel games. “You cannot rain out this turf,” says Malliet. “It’s impossible.” And how does that compare to his natural-grass ballpark? “We’re going to have three or four rainouts in River City this year, for certain,” he says. “Maybe more.”

“Synthetic makes sense for baseball because these systems drain so well,” says A-Turf founder and president Jim Dobmeier. “Step back and think of all field sports. There’s not one out there that needs drainage to be excellent any more than baseball. I’ll make the argument as a guy who played both sports that there’s every bit as much need for synthetics in the baseball world as there is in the football world.”

In addition to local, recreational and little leagues, the NCAA is making the switch to artificial turf baseball fields as well:

“The NCAA level certainly has become more accepting,” adds Darren Gill, vice president for global marketing at FieldTurf, which installed 30 synthetic turf baseball fields at all levels in 2012, roughly half of all U.S. installations last year. “I think you’re seeing a lot more NCAA institutions go that way.”

Artificial turf baseball fields allow baseball programs to start practice earlier in the year and avoid mud and rainouts.  True bounces, natural speed, and realistic sliding distances are required for a quality synthetic turf baseball system. We’ll let you in on a little trade secret — we’ve designed systems that play like clay where they’re supposed to and like grass where they should. Customization is possible and allows for a home-field advantage. Importantly, our use of nylon in the base paths creates realistic sliding distances and enhances durability in these high use areas.

But with artificial turf baseball fields from Pacific Grass & Turf, bunts, slaps, and bounces play like they should. Customization is key in our baseball and softball installations and is achieved by specialized fibers, differentiated pile heights, and tunable infill ratios. Importantly, our use of nylon in the base paths creates realistic sliding distances and enhances durability in these high use areas.  Durability in the high use infield area is also enhanced by the use of nylon, giving clients a good return on their investment.

Softball and Baseball Field Turf

Outdoor sports fields and facility need to hold up to tons of abuse. Installing artificial turf baseball fields reduces both dependence on weather conditions and the time and cost of regular maintenance. Pacific Grass & Turf can create and install a natural-looking field that will be easy and inexpensive to maintain. We also have turf for batting boxes, tuft-in-lines, and in several color options to truly customize your facility. You save money, time and effort, in return for a durable and safe softball or baseball field that will last and look gorgeous for years.

Baseball Field Turf Restoration

There comes a time in the lifespan of all baseball fields when they begin to age and become worn out. Sometimes a baseball field requires some TLC to be returned to its former glory days. The technology of artificial grass baseball fields we install is dramatically different than that in use only 5 years ago. Pacific Grass & Turf can introduce ball field owners to new synthetic turf technology to make older fields appear and play like new again.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to selecting the right playing surface for your baseball league or club. You want an artificial turf field that will prove to be the best for your players. These are not children playing a sandlot game after school – these are real athletes with real potential. You never know, Little Johnny could end up being the next Buster Posey, or Mark MacQuire. For the safety and potential of your players, its important to provide the the most realistic, consistent and safe playing surface possible,

This is where we at Pacific Grass & Turf comes in…

We are totally committed to providing you, your team and your fans with the best baseball possible. It is this commitment that compels us to keep improving on the quality of artificial turf baseball fields we design and the techniques we use to install it.

Through years of advancement and innovative synthetic turf science, artificial turf baseball fields have gone through a significant evolution in recent years. The latest technologies now address problems ranging from glare reduction to heat retention to injury prevention with efficiency. We at Pacific Grass & Turf are committed to constantly improving on technologies that address issues such as these. Every grade turf that we install is designed for outdoor play that is safe, even under wet or damp conditions, and it is designed with serious athletes in mind.

The technology behind Pacific Grass & Turf’s artificial turf baseball fields offers, in addition to it many other advantages, a number of impressive innovations that enhance game play. These include:

  • consistent ball bounce and roll
  • low friction whether regardless of weather conditions
  • safe, consistent sliding capability
  • shock absorption technology
  • strong, resilient construction
  • permanent markings for batters boxes, baselines and on-deck circles

We at Pacific Grass & Turf are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer you these and other exciting innovations and to provide your baseball or softball league with many years of low-maintenance, consistent gameplay through our high-quality synthetic turf products.

Contact the team at Pacific Grass and Turf today, and let us help you make your baseball facilities truly impressive!

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