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30 Mar 2018

Synthetic Grass Terms to Become Familiar With

When a homeowner is shopping for a major purchase for their home, its common to come across terms you are not familiar with. Shopping for artificial grass is no different. At Pacific Grass & Turf, we know that informed customers are the best customers, so we want to break down some of the commonly used lingo in the synthetic grass industry.

Pile Weight:

Pile weight is often also referred to as face weight, or sewn face weight.

Pile weight is how much the yarn weighs per square yard, typically measured in grams or ounces per square yard.

So the higher the pile weight, the better the quality and the durability in general.

Pile Height:

Pile height is how tall or long the individual blades of grass are.

Longer pile heights are generally ideal for residential or commercial applications, and a shorter pile height is usually better for sports and golf.


The distance between the rows of blades of grass is called the gauge.

A narrower gauge is great for a firm smooth surface like a putting green, and widers gauges are commonly applied to athletic fields.

Stitch Rate/Stitch Count:

The number of individual blades per square inch is the stitch count. (think thread count in sheets) The higher the stitch count, the better quality the artificial grass.


The process of choosing which synthetic grass is the right one for you should be a little simpler after you’re familiar with these industry terms. Picking out synthetic turf can be a lot of fun, looking at the different colors, heights, textures but being fully knowledgeable will help you make the most informed decision possible.

For suggestions or design help, contact the pros at Pacific Grass & Turf, and discover what a difference synthetic grass can make in your life.

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