synthetic grass soccer fileds

07 Mar 2018

Synthetic Grass Soccer Fields

Allow us a moment to discuss the advantages of a synthetic grass soccer field.

We realize there is already a lot of information out there regarding artificial turf athletic fields, we have even blogged about it ourselves, and the local sports communities utilize it according to their own preferences within their organizations. Due to increasing temperatures and rising water prices, more and more local soccer organizations are resurfacing their fields with synthetic turf in an effort to reduce water usage and expenses.

Synthetic Grass Soccer Fields

Let’s kick it off.

What makes synthetic grass different than natural grass for soccer fields?

Some of the general benefits of synthetic grass for soccer fields are:

  • Lower-maintenance
  • More consistent gameplay
  • Longer lifespan

Let’s examine these further.

Low Maintenance and Costs

Often, the determining factors in the decision to install synthetic turf soccer fields are the significantly reduced maintenance and costs.

Traditional soccer fields, made of natural grass need mowing, watering, seeding, fertilizing and so much more to keep it in shape. Artificial grass never needs any of those, and additionally, will never need any recovery time between seasons. The amount of money you can save on field maintenance varies, but it is not uncommon to save tens of thousands of dollars per year. The initial investment for synthetic grass soccer fields will be repaid in a matter of a few years – long before the fields wear out.

Extremely Resilient Materials

Part of the reason synthetic grass is so easy to maintain lies in the incredibly resilient materials synthetic grass is made from.

All of Pacific Grass & Turf’s synthetic grasses and turfs are made in the USA and 100% non-toxic. Our FieldTurf® product is specially designed for athletic applications, and is even used on FIFA World Cup pitches. The proprietary blend or premium materials is designed to lessen impact on players’ joints and bodies, thereby reducing the risk of injuries. Artificial turfs will also be durable enough to hold up to any type of soccer shoes without tearing, unravelling or wearing out.

And while heavy rain can destroy natural grass soccer fields, synthetic grass fields can stand up to the worst weather Mother Nature can dish out, without getting puddles or mud. The efficient drainage of synthetic grass results in a much longer lifespan than natural grass, and with days or weeks more playing time!

Consequently, organizations with synthetic turf fields will have far fewer rain outs or postponed games because of field conditions.

Consistent Game Pace

Natural grass soccer fields always have inconsistencies, whether they are bumps, bald spots, or gopher holes, that can disrupt the movement of the ball across it. Also, these irregularities pose a higher risk of injuries for the players.

The speed and consistency of ball movement are also affected by the length of the individual blades of grass, and players will not perform as will on a poorly-maintained natural grass field.

Due to the uniform nature of artificial grass, these common issues will never cause problems. Passes will be smooth and crisp, and ball bounces more predictable. Players will also play more safely, due to the smooth, even playing surface.

Because of the practicality of synthetic grass, this extremely durable surface continues to be the popular choice for soccer players in professional, college, and youth rec leagues.

Synthetic grass has opened up new possibilities for academic sports. Synthetic turf enables schools anywhere to have great-looking, durable facilities, without the heavy maintenance costs. It is a win-win for athletes, schools and fans!

We at Pacific Grass & Turf are delighted to have the opportunity to offer you these exciting developments and to provide your organization with many years of low-maintenance, consistent gameplay through our high-quality synthetic turf products.

Contact the team at Pacific Grass and Turf today, and let us help you make your soccer facilities truly impressive!

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