reduce commercial landscape maintenance with synthetic grass

13 Mar 2018

Synthetic Grass Reduces Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Commercial landscaping is expensive.

It can be incredibly challenging for property owners to stay on top of maintaining the landscape at their businesses or facilities with all the mowing, watering, weeding, edging and more!

When dealing with the near-chronic drought conditions in California, commercial property owners should try to remember that sustainable landscaping solutions are imperative to protecting both the planet, and their bottom lines.

Those huge swaths of traditional, natural grass commonly found around commercial properties wast time, water and more importantly, money.


Your traditional grass lawn can be expected to require this kind of maintenance, week after week:

  • Extensive watering, mowing and trimming
  • Pick up of cuttings, rocks and litter
  • Ground and grass damage inspection and repair
  • Pest extermination and control

Non-Grass Solutions

For business owners not attached to their natural grass lawns, the best way to reduce wasted water is to get rid of the traditional grass swap it for some less-needy alternatives:

  • Drought-Tolerant Plants: Many stunning ground cover plants in a variety of colors retain moisture without a lot of watering and work well with rocks and mulch.
  • Artwork: Sculptures that fit in with the brand and style of a business distract visitors from the lack of grass.
  • People-Focused Installations: Bike paths, walkways and meetings spots accented with small areas of plants make a business more inviting.

Natural Grass Solutions

If your business absolutely must have a natural grass lawn, you can reduce it’s maintenance-related waste by making a few small changes to your routine:

  1. Cut Less: Allowing grass to grow only an inch or two longer keeps natural lawns greener longer. Higher grass is healthier, retains more water, shades roots and costs less to maintain.
  2. Alter Irrigation: A drip system instead of sprinklers supplies water slowly to the roots instead of to blades where hot sunlight often causes rapid evaporation, and can even cause burning.
  3. Improve Monitoring: Watering systems that monitor soil and weather conditions only use water when it’s needed most.

Ultimate Solution

The best solution? Installing synthetic grass from Pacific Grass & Turf to all but eliminate maintenance costs, and keep the landscape of your business looking lush and beautiful.

Synthetic grass can also be used in combination with non-grass methods to create unique walkways and conversation spots. Unlike natural grass, our synthetic options never need weeding, watering, or re-seeding, and the money and time you save on maintenance can be better utilized elsewhere.

Contact Pacific Grass & Turf today to discover how installing synthetic grass at your commercial property can save your bottom line.

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