synthetic grass for paintball and airsoft

05 Apr 2018

Synthetic Grass for Paintball and Airsoft

The sports of airsoft and paintball are rapidly increasing in popularity, and one of the mainstays in either sport is a durable playing field. While there are certainly those enthusiasts that prefer to play on natural grass, most professionals practice and compete on synthetic grass. Professional leagues and clubs all over the United States are requiring synthetic turf for competitive play.

Synthetic grass has numerous benefits. One of the biggest advantages when it comes to airsoft or paintball is that the field is literally even. This evenness of surface ensure fairness for both sides, and that neither side has the unfair advantage of favorable terrain. The second benefit is participant safety. Synthetic grass is not vulnerable to the inconsistencies that plague natural, traditional grass. Leagues will never have to worry about holes, divots, burrowing animals with a synthetic grass playing surface.

Synthetic grass is also one of the simplest landscape options to care for. If you’re worried about your budget, and the expenses of maintaining a grass field, then synthetic grass from Pacific Grass and Turf may be the solution. Artificial turf will look brand new for a decade or more, will never fade or wear out, and only requires the most basic of maintenance.

Rain, sleet, ice, hail or snow will never be an issue either. Synthetic grass drains much more efficiently than natural grass, and needs no “recovery time” after bad weather. You can play on your fields, year round, no matter what the weather is, and mud puddles will become a distant memory. Also, synthetic grass is antimicrobial and does not encourage bacteria growth, keeping your facility cleaner and healthier.

Synthetic grass never needs to be water or mowed to keep it looking great. The amount of money you can recoup just from water savings is substantial. You also eliminate all of the hazardous lawn care-chemicals that your old lawn needed. does not need to be mowed or watered in order to maintain its look towards field.

Overall, synthetic grass is one of the best solutions for creating a paintball or airsoft facility on your property that will hold up and look great for years to come.

Pacific Grass & Turf has been installing synthetic turf products in Northern California for over 20 years. Learn what a difference quality and experience makes! Contact us at Pacific Grass & Turf today to see how we can enhance your paintball facility with synthetic grass.

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