artificial grass for commercial properties in San Jose

10 Apr 2018

Synthetic Grass for Commercial Properties and Businesses

In the city of San Jose, synthetic grass is becoming more and more popular for commercial use. Many business owners are realizing the importance of having an attractive landscape surrounding their commercial property. Something that business owners may not realize is that improving the visual aesthetics of your San Jose commercial property will increase your property value.

While the growing popularity of commercial applications for synthetic grass is relatively new, its use for athletic purposes, like soccer, football, and baseball fields is a well-established practice.

Synthetic grass products have some major advantages for the landscaping of commercial properties, and the applications for those properties extend far past outdoor landscaping. You can install synthetic grass along walkways, on rooftops, and even use it inside the building.

Artificial grass provides a lush, attractive atmosphere, and presents your business in the best possible way. Artificial grass is also incredibly low-maintenance, which will save you money, time, and labor on lawn care.

Synthetic Grass for Commercial Applications

The city of San Jose has become an example in the way of ensuring ample green spaces are available for residents to use and enjoy. These public spaces are often dedicated to cultural, athletic, or other community activities, and are wonderful for building neighborhood relationships and well-being.

Often, these goals for access to ample green space extends into San Jose’s business community. More and more business and commercial property owners are embracing “green” business models, designs, and practices, and providing enjoyable “natural” environments for staff or employees has become an major goal.

The city of San Jose has several “Green Initiatives’ in progress, and a major one is the creation of “Green Buildings” and commercial properties across the city. The city-wide goal is build or retrofit 50 million square feet of Green Buildings.

Here is an excerpt from San Jose’s Green Vision Plan:

“Ensuring sustainable construction and promoting green building practices are an essential component of our Green Vision. An estimated 70 percent of the community’s total energy use and 16 percent of its water goes to buildings. We can change this by building green or retrofitting our existing buildings to reduce energy and water use and incorporate sustainable construction materials. This will significantly reduce our carbon impact. Our goal is big: In 15 years, San José will be home to 50 million square feet of green buildings – the equivalent of nearly 100 buildings the size of San José City Hall”

Synthetic grass can help commercial property owners do their part for San Jose’s Green Vision.

While natural grass is unquestionably beautiful, the amount of water required to keep it looking that way is prohibitive. When you factor in the labor costs, supplies like pesticides, mowers, fertilizer, seed, and fuel, natural grass becomes a very expensive and high-maintenance option for commercial landscaping.

Pacific Grass & Turf is happy to offer a more cost-effective and low-maintenance solution. Our artificial grasses never need water, fertilizer, chemicals, mowing, weeding or edging. The droughts that are common in the South Bay won’t ever cost you a beautiful commercial landscape. Artificial grass will last a decade or more, and the water savings alone will pay for it more than once over.

Quality Synthetic Grass Products and Installation

At Pacific Grass & Turf we specialize in the distribution and installation of synthetic grass for businesses and commercial buildings. We only supply grass manufactured in the United States, with the highest standards of quality and safety.

As green area surrounding a commercial building or decor inside a commercial property, San Jose artificial grass for commercial properties will enhance your business, attract new clients, and increase your property value.

Contact the design experts at Pacific Grass & Turf today for a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION, and learn how synthetic grass can enhance your business or commercial property.

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