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20 Mar 2018

Property Managers – Synthetic Grass Helps Retain Tenants

Retaining tenants is a priority for any property manager, regardless of whether you manage an apartment community, retail center, or industrial or office park. You need to hold onto your long-term tenants and attract new ones as well. Providing high-quality, attractive landscaping is a great way to accomplish this. There is a direct correlation between landscaping and occupancy rates.

Beautiful Landscaping Increases Occupancy Rates.

Read on to learn why, and how you can implement landscaping changes to enhance your tenant retention, and boost your business.

Attract Visitors

The addition of full trees and colorful flowers are pleasing to nearly any building, and they can create an ideal, welcoming environment for your tenants and customers. Inviting landscaped areas encourage customers to stay longer and feel more relaxed. Both of these translate into increased foot traffic and revenue.

Provide a Space Employees Enjoy Being In

Most people want to be able to step out or away from work during their breaks. With beautifully landscaped patios, gardens, or other outdoor areas, you are able to provide just that, and ensure your tenants are happy. You can even take this a step further and create walking or hiking paths for people to take advantage of during their breaks as well.

Give the Property a Well-Maintained Look

Not much turns off potential tenants and customers like a poorly-maintained property. First impressions matter, and the outward appearance of a business gives potential customers an idea of how well the business is run and what type of service they can expect, so it is vital to make a good first impression. Synthetic grass is perfect for this, because it takes just the smallest amount of maintenance to keep it looking lush, verdant and green all year round. The ease of maintenance it offers will save business owners time and money as well.

Reduce Crime and Vandalism

Properties that look disheveled, are poorly lit, or have overgrown landscaping make ideal targets for thieves. Those conditions make it less likely that thieves will be spotted, and easier for them to enter a building undetected. Proper lighting and landscaping can go a long way towards making your property less appealing to criminals. And the cost of landscaping is guaranteed to be less than hiring round-the-clock security guards.

Beautiful landscaping can help your retain your existing tenants and attract visitors to your property. Landscaping is a cost-effective solution for making your property more attractive, but also for keeping it safer.

Attractive Landscaping Increases Customer Traffic

The only limit to your synthetic grass landscaping is your imagination. Pacific Grass & Turf’s design team can assist you with making your commercial property attractive, unique and low-maintenance. You can add flower beds, shrubbery, stones, pavers, and even different textures of synthetic turf to create any look you want. First impressions matter a great deal when it comes to your storefront. If the outside isn’t well-kept and attractive, then potential customers aren’t likely to set foot in your establishment.

Why Choose Pacific Grass & Turf?

If you are considering installing synthetic grass at your commercial property, contact the experts at Pacific Grass & Turf today. We can help you design a durable and beautiful landscape for your place of business.

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