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17 Apr 2018

Pet Turf: 6 Ways to Use It in Commercial Pet Areas

Find out where and why pet facilities are using Pet Turf.

If you run a busy commercial pet facility, then consider installing pet turf to improve your operations and attract more clients. Not only will it help boost your business’ aesthetic appeal, but it also offers benefits that will be approved by pet parents.

1. Municipal Dog Parks

City officials know that dog parks are a great place to let your furry friend run free. When planning a municipal project, many are looking to get the most bang for their budget. Offering a 15-year warranty like Global SynTurf does is often an appealing selling point because they won’t have to replace their pet turf for years.

2. Pet Areas at Apartment Complexes

rooftop dog runIf you manage a pet-friendly apartment complex, then you likely have a place for a pet area, dog run or dog park. No matter if you house hundreds or thousands of residents, you can keep your pet owners as well as your staff members satisfied by installing pet turf. In the long run, it will help you cut down on maintenance costs because dogs won’t be tracing their muddy paws throughout the building grounds and apartment units.

3. Pet Areas Outside Offices

turf dog parkMore businesses are attracting employees by allowing them to spend their workday with their furry friends. But what happens when Fido needs to take 10? Providing a designated dog area outside your office building means your pet owners won’t have to waste time trying to find a spot for their pups’ potty breaks. Our pet turf systems also provide a pest-free environment, so you won’t have to worry about fleas and ticks being brought back into the office.


4. Pet Boarding and Daycare Facilities

doggy parking lotAfter Happy Tails in St. Ann, MO, installed 19,000 square feet of synthetic pet turf, staff noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of dogs they took care of. Clients said it was because of the added dog turf.

Pet boarding facilities and dog daycare facilities may be able to take care of a large number of pooches in a day. But with artificial grass for dogs, your nose would never know it! Synthetic turf will keep your outdoor area from looking like a lawn full of brown spots. Everyone will enjoy green grass all year no matter how many pups play on your synthetic turf.

5. Play Areas at Pet Resorts

Many pet resorts have an outdoor space where pets can play, but if you live in an area with wild weather, don’t worry. Water, or any other kind of liquid, drains through our artificial turf for pets at a rate of 30+ inches per hour. This means that dogs big and small will be able to play outside even after a storm.

6. Dog Pools at Pet Resorts

dog park with pool

If you own a pet resort, chances are you offer a wide range of services to cater to the unique needs of your pet clients. Swim services may be one way you’re setting yourself apart from the competition, but did you know that saltwater and chlorine wreak havoc on grass? Installing artificial pet turf around the pool area helps you avoid a maintenance nightmare because it keeps the grass green, the dogs clean and the water from becoming a muddy mess. It’s also an ideal surface to use for bath time.

What are the Benefits of Pet Turf?

Artificial Pet Turf Looks Great All Year:

Weeds ruin your lawn’s appearance and may also poison your dog.

In fact, the Pet Poison Helpline has a detailed list containing various plants that may seriously harm your pets. This list includes everything from pokeweed to daffodils, which can cause a rapid heartbeat, nausea, drooling and vomiting if eaten. Installing artificial grass for dogs prevents harmful weeds from growing in your landscape, keeping your dog protected as it ventures outdoors.

Eliminate Biting Pests

Real grass harbors bugs of all types, such as fleas, ticks and ants. These insects bite and cling to your pet as it rolls in the grass and may infest your living space when your dog comes back inside. Pests cannot thrive in artificial grass for dogs and will bypass it for real grass in the vicinity, giving you a pest-free lawn and less worries about flea and tick infestations.

Eliminate Hazardous Lawn Care Chemicals

Caring for a real lawn takes time and effort, not including the money that you need to spend on fertilizers, growth regulators and pest control products such as insecticides and weed killers.

These products contain toxic ingredients that can harm you, your family and your dog. As your dog rolls in the grass, the chemical ingredients will stick to its coat and get into its nasal passages. Pet turf doesn’t require any regular maintenance or products to keep it looking healthy and vibrant year-round.

No More Muddy Paws

ogs enjoy rolling in the grass after it rains and getting covered with mud, which then finds its way onto the carpet and the furniture in your home. Artificial grass for pets has a specialized drainage system that allows water to pass through to the soil below. It eliminates the muddy conditions after a rainstorm and keeps your dog clean as it plays or uses the bathroom.

Why Choose Pacific Grass & Turf?

We know that every commercial pet facility has different needs, which is why our synthetic turf solutions are customized to match your specific requirements. To see additional pet areas we’ve worked on, check out our galleries. If you want to learn more about the ways you can implement synthetic grass into your commercial pet area, then contact Pacific Grass & Turf today!

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