make your backyard the bomb with synthetic grass

06 Apr 2018

Make Your Backyard the Bomb with Artificial Grass

For as long as homeowners have had “backyards,” they have been used for relaxing, entertaining, play, exercise, and so many other things. Backyard gatherings have become ingrained in our culture, whether they are birthday parties or BBQ’s, and most homeowners strive to make their backyards as beautiful and functional as possible.

Why is it Such a Challenge to Keep Your Backyard Beautiful?

For ages, natural grass has been the ground cover of choice for residential property owners across America, and its easy to see why. Natural grass is lush, beautiful, and feels good on your bare feet. What many fail to consider, however, is that most grasses used for residential applications are not native to our local habitats, and that is why natural grass lawns require so much expensive upkeep. Outside of its natural environment, any plant needs special care to thrive, and the same is true of traditional, natural grasses.

Installing synthetic grass in your backyard will give you immediate returns on your investment through the elimination of all but the most basic of care. You no longer need to spend time mowing, weeding and edging, or money on fuel, seed, fertilizers and herbicides. Installing synthetic grass in Sacramento will also eliminate noise and air pollution from lawn-care equipment, puddles, mud, allergens and annoying insects and rodents.

If all of the above benefits are not enough to convince you to make your backyard the bomb with artificial grass, then how about this: Synthetic grass is friendly to the environment too! All of our artificial grass products are 100% recyclable, lead-free, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Having synthetic grass installed at your Sacramento area home will keep your family cleaner, safer and healthier, in addition to helping save water and reduce pollution.

Sacramento artificial turf can do all of these things while effortlessly maintaining its beauty and texture, no matter what nature or your family can dish out. Your backyard can host a soccer game and a BBQ in the same day without it ever wearing out, matting down, or going bald. You can’t say that about natural grass lawns, can you?

Sacramento Artificial Grass Applications

Everything we have talked about in this article explain why artificial grass is rapidly gaining popularity in northern California. Synthetic grass has become the ideal solution in numerous locations other than backyards, such as:

Pacific Grass & Turf can help you make your backyard the bomb with artificial grass. We only install superior-quality synthetic turf products, and guarantee you will find our service, knowledge and experience unmatched. Contact us today for a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION and discover how awesome synthetic grass can make your next backyard gathering!

You backyard doesn’t need to be the hiding place for wheelbarrows, mowers, clothesline or tools. You can transform your backyard space into an area you are proud to show off, and we bet that after the first BBQ, your neighbors will keep finding reasons to stop by and visit your bomb backyard.

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