keep your business landscaping attractive with synthetic grass

12 Mar 2018

Keep Commercial Landscaping Attractive with Synthetic Grass

We all know how crucial a good first impression is from a professional standpoint. The outside of your business ifs the first thing a potential customer sees. If the exterior of your commercial property looks inviting and well-maintained, it is far more likely to draw customers into your location. Business property owners will attract and retain more of their tenants, too if the exterior of the property looks as attractive and inviting as the interior and the installation of synthetic grass can be a great way to keep an attractive commercial landscape without the high maintenance of natural grass.

Less Expense

The bottom line for any business owner is the amount of money they can keep in their pocket at the end of the day. The fewer expenses they incur for the operation of their business, the better for the bottom line and the more enticing a business property will be to them. Synthetic grass won’t require hiring a lawn maintenance service to mow, fertilize and otherwise keep the landscape well-groomed. That’s one less expense the business owner will have to worry about.

Less Maintenance

Synthetic grass requires only the most basic of maintenance, and even the busiest shopkeeper can find a few minutes a day to keep the landscape looking great. Loose debris can easily be removed with a broom or leaf blower, and mud or other sticky messes can be removed with a quick blast of water from a water hose.

Replacement Cost

Real grass simply cannot hold up to the foot traffic that an established place of business will have, but synthetic grass can and will. Synthetic grass will bounce back from the heaviest foot traffic day after day and look good for a decade or more! When the time finally comes to replace it, artificial grass is 100% recyclable, and can often be repurposed. Plus, the replacement costs rivals that of sod or reseeding, plus artificial grass looks good and can be used immediately. The eco-friendly approach to your commercial property will make it look even more appealing to potential customers and tenants alike, further enhancing the ROI in your synthetic grass lawn.

California homeowners are already switching from natural to synthetic grass in large volumes, it is only logical that business follow suit. Shrewd business owners are already on the lookout for ways to reduce their water usage, and we can expect more hotels, HOA’s, business, and commercial property owners to make the change to synthetic grass.

If you have questions about synthetic grass and are interesting in swapping your natural lawn for a water-saving artificial grass one, contact us now for a free design consultation! 

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