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29 Mar 2018

Improve Your Short Game from Home

Improve Your Golf Game Without the Hassle

Just like any sport someone wants to improve at, with golf, practice makes perfect. And, if not perfect, certainly progress. Finding the time to hit the municipal links or the local club can be challenging, and in this post we will discuss the convenience and advantages of installing a synthetic grass putting green in your home or yard.

A huge benefit of installing a synthetic grass putting green at your home or business is the convenience. As quickly as you can grab your putter, you can be practicing your short game. No more waiting for other golfers to finish, asking to play through, club fees, or lugging heavy gear around to simply practice your putting. It’s kind of like going to the gym – the less of a hassle it is, the more likely you are to actually put in the work. And the more work you put in, the more you improve, and so on.

Whether you are training for the PGA, or a recreational golf enthusiast, a backyard putting green can be the ultimate combination of form, function, and fun!

Let’s Break it Down:

Artificial Turf Putting Greens Are:

Quicker and Simpler to Install than Natural Grass

One of the challenges of traditional grass for golf greens is that your current landscaping must accommodate the grass and not the other way around. Grading, sand traps, elevations and other customizations will require natural grass to be torn up and eventually re-seeded, or re-sodded.

With an artificial grass golf green, these customization are much simpler to create. Synthetic grass can be sized, padded and infilled to suit any environment. We have designed and installed a variety of golf greens across Northern California, from relatively simple, flat greens, to graded, multi-surface, and multi-hole courses. Of course these customizations are possible with traditional grass, but there is significantly more work and expense involved. By choosing a synthetic grass putting green, you can custom-tailor every aspect, and make your private golf course as challenging (or fun!) as you like.

Simple and Low-Maintenance

Artificial grass putting greens are very low-maintenance, in both financial expense and physical labor. In addition, they don’t require watering which is a bonus for those living in frequent drought areas. You will be saving money on your utilities, on top of saving the planet’s water supply by installing a synthetic grass putting green.

Re-seeding, fertilizing, and weeding are required often for natural grass. The wear and tear it takes often results in unsightly brown spots, mud, or divots. Then there are pests like ants, gophers and weeds, which people usually resort to toxic chemicals to exterminate. Synthetic grass surfaces eradicate ALL of these problems. So not only with your artificial grass putting green look amazing for years, but you will never have to expose your yard, home or family to hazardous lawn chemicals again.

Unmatched for Resilience

Another benefit of synthetic grass is its durability. Golf in particular is a sport that’s hard on grass, particularly for beginners. Traditional grass can become brown, patchy, or uneven even with the highest level of care. These inconsistencies in playing surface can severely inhibit your short game. Installing a synthetic grass putting green allows you to practice your short game in a uniform, predictable environment.

Artificial grass golf greens overcome all of these obstacles. You know your green will provide a consistent surface day after day, year after year. You can practice every single day, or let your kids take their first swings without worrying that it will wear out, fade, or fail.

synthetic grass golf greens

Great for Getting In More Practice Time

Having an all-season, durable putting green on your property allows you to practice your short game whenever you have the time. With the green only steps away, this cuts down on any barriers to practicing, be it distance, time, or even having to wear proper golf attire. By making it easier to practice, it’s more likely that you will. Your total practice time will increase and your golf game will benefit accordingly. For intermediate golfers, the short game is an important tool for further improving their handicaps. Constant practice ensures you’ll get better with the putter and come into the clubhouse with lower scores.

Fun for Family and Friends

A putting green can also provide good times with friends or family. You can invite fellow golfers over for some practice and drinks. The green can be a great way for parents to spend more quality time with their kids while also helping them to develop their golf skills. The durability of the artificial surface means not worrying about kids creating divots or other imperfections if they use their clubs improperly.

With some modifications, your putting green can even be used as a rudimentary mini golf course, which can come in handy for kids birthday parties. A synthetic surface putting green doesn’t just have to be limited to solo practicing, it can also be the center of social activity.

Bound to Improve the Look of Your Yard

While the green helps your golf game, don’t underestimate its ability to improve the overall look of your yard. Artificial turf can be customized to your landscape and become well-manicured part of your overall property, adding value and improving the aesthetics of your home.

If you’re looking to improve your golf game and enhance your property an artificial putting green is a convenient at-home option that also enhances your property. Contact the team at Pacific Grass & Turf to learn how we can help you master your short game with an artificial turf putting green.

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