improve fitness regimen on synthetic grass

21 Mar 2018

Improve Your Fitness Regimen With Synthetic Grass

Believe it or not, installing synthetic grass can actually boost the effectiveness of your fitness regimen.

You can lose weight, build muscle, get fit and healthier faster than with a natural grass lawn.

Synthetic grass allows athletes to wear a variety of footwear. Turf shoes and soccer cleats are a thing of the past. With synthetic grass, runners enjoy increased balance and traction. The smooth even surface of synthetic grass also reduces impact on joints and the risk of injury. This allows the correct muscles to be targeted and worked out rather than their bodies fighting to stay balanced.

Using soccer as an example, the quality, length and smoothness of the soccer pitch can impact the game in many ways. No goalie wants to be scored on because a ball took a wierd hop off a divot in the turf. Holes, bumps, dirt spots and weeds will all slow a soccer ball down and disrupt the flow of the game. This is never an issue for synthetic grass. With a synthetic grass field, the blades’ height is always even and perfect, there are never bald or uneven spots in the field, and the grass is always green and lush, making for a perfect game.

Also, when choosing artificial grass over natural grass, there is a significant decrease in injury rates. When football was played on the natural grass, out of 10 games, there were 15 injuries reported. When it was played on the artificial turf, there were 12 injuries reported. That’s a 20% injury rate improvement!

Artificial grass continues to surprise us with its number of advantages. It is truly the superior choice over natural grass.

If you have questions, or are considering having synthetic grass installed to enhance your fitness regimen, contact the team at Pacific Grass & Turf today! We can help you design a safe, low-maintenance area for you to work out and enjoy. 

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