05 Mar 2018

Improve your Business’s Reputation with Synthetic Grass

Green is the New Black

Despite what Netflix says, green is the new black, not orange. Brands and businesses all over the world are introducing new “green” initiatives every single day. Google has implemented a lot of these plans, including the recent water conservation campaign at all of their facilities. Most new office buildings that being constructed are designed to be “green,” utilizing solar power, geothermal heating, and more. Many companies are even transitioning to biofuel, hybrid, or electric vehicles in their fleets too.

Synthetic grass offers business owners another opportunity to implement “green” changes at their facilities.

Companies big and small are realizing that running and marketing their businesses as green demonstrates to their customers that they care about more than making a profit. Simple things like planter outside the front entrance, or an outdoor lobby with patio furniture, and low-maintenance, easy to care for synthetic grass all give your brand or business an attractive, appealing way to communicate your values to potential customers. Synthetic grass will improve your brand’s reputation for not only maintaining high-standards, but also being earth-conscious. Synthetic grass will stay green and beautiful all year round, and minimize your carbon footprint and attract customers all at the same time. It’s a win-win-win!

If you are considering installing synthetic grass at your commercial property, contact the experts at Pacific Grass & Turf today. We can help you design a durable and beautiful landscape for your place of business.

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