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12 Apr 2018

Important Things You Need to Know Before Installing Artificial Turf

There is no secret that San Jose, CA gets pretty warm, particularly during the summer months. Our warm weather can make it very challenging for homeowners to keep a natural grass lawn looking healthy and beautiful. The great news? We have a solution for your problem. The best option is to convert your water-guzzling natural grass lawn into a low-maintenance, planet-friendly synthetic grass lawn.

Countless homeowners across Northern California are realizing the value of making the switch to synthetic grass for their residential landscaping. We are certainly not referring to the AstroTurf® your Aunt Mildred had covering her patio, the modern incarnations of San Jose synthetic turf is remarkably more advanced than ever before. As a result, synthetic grass is now nearly impossible to distinguish from natural grass.

Considering Installing Synthetic Grass at Your Home?

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Homeowners

Naturally, the beautiful appearance is not all artificial grass has going for it. There is just as much substance to the style of synthetic turf, and homeowners can expect to receive a number of benefits from their new synthetic grass lawn. What are the benefits of synthetic grass for homeowners? Read on to see.

Spend Less Money on Water

An immediate and substantial benefit you will notice right away is the massive amount of water you no longer need. Synthetic grass may still occasionally require the use of your garden hose, but it will be for minor tasks, like rinsing away pet waste, debris or leaves – nothing more, ever! Many homeowners discover hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings on their water bills every year. How many other things can you use that time and money for, instead of tedious lawn maintenance? Typically, homeowners recoup their investment in installing artificial grass after only a few years.

Get More Free Time

There aren’t many who actually enjoy the process of lawn care, with mowing, fertilizing, weeding, seeding and more, and most would be delighted to eliminate those tasks from their honey-do lists. Your new lawn will cut your maintenance labors down to nearly nothing, freeing up valuable time that you can use for the people and things that are most important to you.

Eliminate Hazardous Chemicals

Since each blade of grass in synthetic turf is made of recycled plastic, you never need to worry about pests like ants and pincher bugs. Similarly, the lack of soil underneath means you need not worry about weeds and other undesirable growth. These two characteristics don’t just reduce your maintenance. They also mean that you can skip using harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. This creates a safer environment for your children and pets, plus it also means you reduce chemical runoff from contaminating your local water supplies. It’s a win for you and the environment!

How to Prepare for Installation

If you are interested in having synthetic grass installed in your home, the good news is that there are many experienced installation services in Dallas that would be happy to help. However, installing synthetic grass isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and calling a professional. To enjoy the full range of benefits that synthetic grass has to offer, you will need to make a few preparations. Make sure you follow these quick steps to ensure worry-free installation:

Level it Out

In general, synthetic grass requires the land it will be installed in to be as flat as possible. This is because uneven land may create unsightly bumps and hills that may force sections of the synthetic grass to come off. As such, survey your property to see if there are any spots where the land is uneven. If you find any, be sure to inform your installation company. Respected synthetic grass installers like Pacific Grass & Turf are more than happy to take care of leveling the ground around your property to ensure proper installation of your synthetic grass.

Eliminate Weeds and other Invasive Plants

Synthetic grass uses a special in-fill, eliminating the need for soil. This is one of the reasons why weeds are not an issue once synthetic grass is installed. However, this won’t fix any existing issues with weeds. Placing synthetic grass over any weeds will allow weeds to grow through the layer of synthetic grass. There’s also the possibility that a large concentration of weeds in one area will cause sections of your new lawn to come loose. Prior to the actual installation, make sure that you remove every weed you can find or hire a professional lawn maintenance service to do it for you.

Finalize the Use of the Outdoor Space

Synthetic grass isn’t just for creating your dream lawn. It has a wide range of applications that homeowners can take advantage of and use to complement their lifestyles. Some installation companies are happy to use synthetic grass to create a small putting green right in your backyard. Some homeowners can also opt to use synthetic grass to create play areas for their children and pets. Sit down with your family and try to determine how you want to use the area that will have synthetic grass installed. This will help you and your installation company finalize designs, materials, and how the product will be installed.

Work with a Respected Synthetic Grass Installation Company

Lastly, make sure that you work with an synthetic grass installation company that has an outstanding track record in your local area. When installed incorrectly, synthetic grass may lead to a variety of problems, undermining any of the benefits that the product brings to the table.

Why Choose Pacific Grass & Turf?

By choosing to install artificial grass on your property, you will be not only saving water and money, but you will also be improving air quality too.

When you choose to have artificial grass installed in your San Jose home, you get more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. Contact Pacific Grass & Turf today for a free design consultation, and discover why we ARE the artificial grass company in San Jose!

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