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13 Feb 2018

How to Maintain Artificial Grass

Have you been wondering how to take care of your new synthetic grass lawn? Have you been searching for “how to maintain your Sacramento synthetic grass ?“ Are you discovering that everyone has a suggestion for how to clean your new turf? Which ones do you take? We are going to help shed some light on the matter.

Most homeowners that have made the switch to artificial turf are not missing the dirt, mud, bugs, mowing, chemicals, and expensive watering costs associated with natural grass. We fully support your decision to install artificial grass on your property, and we’d love to offer some suggestions for making sure you get the most out of your investment. Fortunately, learning how to maintain artificial grass will be far less complicated and expensive than caring for your ex-lawn. Most synthetic grass owners are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can handle “lawn care” on their own, and in a matter of minutes a week.

Synthetic Grass is Less Needy that Natural Grass

Artificial grass doesn’t face the same challenges that real grass does — nor does it require the same routine maintenance procedures. An artificial lawn won’t be susceptible to weeds or diseases/fungi, but it risks other wear and tear in high traffic areas, and battering from the elements. Just because it’s artificial doesn’t mean it won’t require some time and attention once it’s installed.

Learning How to Maintain Artificial Grass

The first step in caring for your synthetic turf involves the daily management of what happens on your grass. With pets, kids, or the weather, even artificial grass will need occasional stain prevention. In contrast to natural grass, food, pet waste and other substances may stain or discolor your synthetic grass, and they need to be attended to promptly in order to make sure your synthetic grass stays gorgeous and resilient.

Remove Debris and Stains

cleaning fake turfNo matter where you live, winds and storms will eventually cause a certain amount of debris to be deposited on your lawn. Pets can drag items into the yard, and birds often deposit their treasures while building nests. Leaves, bark and small twigs, and branches are unsightly and can make your lawn look cluttered. Larger twigs and branches may also damage the webbing or mesh that forms the base of the turf, because they have sharp edges that can poke through the infill.

In many cases, high winds or storms carry away the same debris they can deposit on your synthetic grass lawn. Waiting a few hours before going out and trying to keep up with its removal can lead to minimal clean up time. If you have shrubs, trees or lawn furniture and décor, you will have to make sure to clean around them so that what has blown in does not continue to accumulate in any one area. As soon as the storm clears, however, be prepared to clean up your artificial grass so that it doesn’t get damaged.


We know that life happens, and that its rarely tidy when it does. If you’re actually using your backyard, then there are bound to be drinks spilled, food dropped, and pets relieving themselves on your artificial grass. Common stains that might include soda, coffee, alcohol ot pet waste, are all pretty simple to clean up.

You will need to:

  • Be quick. Spills are far less likely to stain if they are cleaned up quickly.
  • Use something absorbent to mop up spills (paper towels or kitty litter are options.)
  • Rinse the surface with a mild detergent and plain water
  • Rinse out any cleaners you use thoroughly.


stubborn stainsSome substances tend to stain quickly and are more difficult to remove. Things like oil, suntan oil, ink or crayon can all end up in your synthetic grass. If you’re not able to remove them using the method above, you can try a mild ammonia mixture or mineral spirits to try to draw the stain out. Again, just make sure any cleaning products are rinsed away entirely.


Some really sticky things like tree sap or bubblegum might also end up on your new lawn. The good news, it’s much easier to remove these items from artificial grass than your kids hair. You can use aerosol refrigerants or ice to freeze the stain, then scrape it off and rinse away any residue.


Artificial grass and pets go great together, and you won’t have to do any extra cleaning with synthetic turf. It’s a simple matter of:

  1. Allowing solid waste to dry out then picking it up and disposing of it
  2. Your pets urine will drain right through artificial grass, and if you’re concerned about odors, simply hose off the potty area once in awhile with the hose.

While removing stains from artificial grass is usually pretty simple, it’s still best to avoid damaging or staining your synthetic turf altogether. Simple measures can protect your investment, and make it last even longer. Avoid smoking, BBQ-ing, or using fireworks on artificial grass. Keep chemicals away from it as well, in addition to potential damage sources like motor oil or gasoline.

Basic Maintenance

On top of the very minimal maintenance you already perform, there are a couple basic steps artificial grass owners should take to get the longest life possible out of their new grass. Typically synthetic grass can last anywhere from 10-20 years, depending on its use. A simple routine that involves regular rinsing, brushing and clearing of debris will add years to the lifespan of your synthetic turf.


maintaining artificial grassTaking care of artificial grass requires only a few tools. The first one, nearly every homeowner has already– a hose. A plain garden hose is perfect for those quick rinses. A leaf-blower can be very helpful, particularly if you had a large area of artificial grass installed. Leaves and organic debris can simply be blown away. The third item, you may already have too– a plastic-tined rake. This is the ideal tool to groom your synthetic lawn, and keep it looking fluffy and lush.

Organic Turf Sprays

Many companies that install an synthetic grass also sell organic turf washes and sprays that can be used on lawns covered with synthetic grass. The sprays are made with mild detergents that kill any existing bacteria and work to destroy and prevent any lingering odors that are caused by pets. The organic sprays are non-toxic and can be used in areas where both children and animals tend to play.

Using the spray is easy. Most come with containers that can be attached to garden hoses and sprayed over the artificial turf. Depending on the type of spray used, rinsing may not be needed. Applying the spray once every couple of months will keep the artificial turf looking green and vibrant as well as eliminating any odors that may present themselves.

Unlike natural grass lawns, artificial turf does not create lawn waste. Once it is installed, there will be no more worrying about removing grass clippings or weeds. You will find it takes only a few minutes a day, once you learn how to maintain artificial grass lawns. Instead of spending hours removing the clutter of lawn debris, you can enjoy quality time with your family.

Wrapping Up

Synthetic turf can be a fantastic investment, but like any investment, you need to take care of it to make sure it performs at its best. Following our easy instructions should make the task simple and quick, giving you more time and energy to spend on what really matters to you, and not lawn care.

Now, keeping your artificial grass looking pristine is a simple matter of cleaning and picking up debris, rinsing, brushing, and enjoying! What could be better than spending more time on your grass than taking care of it?

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If you are considering making the change to artificial grass at your home, get in touch with us! We can show you how much less time you can spend worrying about how to maintain your artificial grass lawn.

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