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22 Feb 2018

How Much Does It Cost To Have Synthetic Grass Installed?

Business and home owners frequently ask, “how much does synthetic grass cost?” Another question we hear often is, “is Synthetic grass a smart investment?” With our intense summers, cold winters, and constant threat of droughts weighing on the minds of Northern California’s home and business owners, these are valid questions. Replacing existing natural grass with synthetic grass may not be the cheapest solution at the outset, but is definitely worth considering. Financially, in this climate, a synthetic grass installation at your home or business is a smart investment. Read on and we will explain why and how.

Variables That Affect Synthetic Grass Installation Price

  • Square footage of the install area and how much synthetic grass is required (Synthetic grass is usually priced by the square foot).
  • The installation process will generally include: Removing of old or existing grass. Then leveling the install area with base rock and other possible requisite work like gopher guard or preventative weed care. (You care see our complete installation process here)
  • The specific type of synthetic grass.

Pacific Grass & Turf offers a variety of product, installation, and infill options, to ensure you can find a synthetic grass solution that fits your needs, and budget! You can download our Product Comparison Guide to learn about the specifics of each.

When Will I See Return On My Investment Of Synthetic Grass?

Initially, installing synthetic grass comes with a significant investment. Though over the course of 10 to 20 years you will have gradual yet steady financial returns financially from synthetic grass lawn.

  • First off, you’re saving on the time and energy necessary for maintaining your lawn. Along with the tools, power, gas, fertilizer pesticides, anti-weed products and other resources used for lawn maintenance.
  • Monthly and yearly savings on your water bill
  • Minimal maintenance is required for synthetic grass so after the initial installation, you will not be adding expenses for upkeep

Most often, synthetic grass installations normally pay for themselves in as little as three to five years!

Read Why Synthetic Grass Is A Good Investment.

In conclusion, if you are leaning toward installing synthetic grass at your home or business, Pacific Grass & Turf has options to suit every application and budget, plus your decision to have it installed will eventually pay for itself. So contact Pacific Grass & Turf today and let us help you find the most affordable and attractive synthetic grass solution for your property.

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