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16 Apr 2018

Fake Grass for Crafts and Creative Applications

If you have recently had Sacramento synthetic turf installed, you may have realized how versatile of a product it is. Synthetic grass can be used for all sorts of things, and we’ve seen it covering walls, ceilings, furniture, and even shoes and clothing made from it. We decided to do a bit of research and found out some of the creative, more non-traditional ways fake grass for crafts can be used.

Here are Just a Few Ideas on How to Use Fake Grass for Crafts:

Model villages or trains

If you’re creating a model village or dollhouse artificial grass is great for giving it that extra bit of authentic detail. If your village is indoors it’s even more effective as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to transport turf from outside! It hardly needs maintenance, no watering or trimming, with just a brush if you’ve got heavy objects resting on it.

Reptile tanks

The benefits of artificial grass for dog owners is widely known, but it’s actually a good option for a vivarium too. Snakes and lizards respond to the bright green colour as if they are outside and it’s a very easy cleaning option. The grass lasts for a long time, even with the reptiles crawling all over it, meaning it does not need replenishing very often.

Roofs and Terraces

You might not expect to see grass four floors up but it’s certainly possible. If you live in a condo or apartment, you may have a balcony or patio, and no yard. Synthetic grass can soften up these areas for more comfortable use, or make it more attractive to the eye. Corporate buildings with roof terraces have been known to use artificial grass to spruce up ugly expanses of concrete.

Yoga or Exercise mats

If you love exercising outside but the weather is a little bit unpredictable, artificial grass is great for gym and exercise areas. Or if you find the thought of exercising a bit boring, why not inject some fun and make yourself a fake grass yoga mat? Either way artificial grass can liven up all sorts of exercise tasks.

Childrens’ Bedrooms

Using fake grass for crafts in a child’s bedroom can be an opportunity to make something really impressive. If you’ve got a kid that loves baseball or soccer, you can use synthetic grass like a carpet and give them the feeling of being outdoors.

PRO TIP: If you have artificial grass installed and have any off-cuts (waste pieces) leftover from the installation, it may be that you can recycle them for use in unusual ways like a doll house, art project or even a yoga mat for your lizard!

Camouflaging outdoor amenities/storage.

Got an enclosed space where you keep your trash? Firewood? A large, unsightly air conditioner unit? By lining the walls with synthetic grass, you can easily cover up anything that might be distracting from the look of your backyard. Outdoor walls and fences that are lined with synthetic turf will create a lush, verdant appearance, so you can hide any amenities or storage spaces with a natural looking, leafy hedge. Camouflage and class in equal measure.

Pickup bed mat.

Most people won’t associate a trip to the worksite with lush green grass, but the durable and easily replaceable nature of synthetic grass means that it’s a fantastic option for lining the inside of a pickup truck bed. Our all-purpose synthetic grasses won’t scratch the inside of the bed, and the longer blades provide cushioning that creates a soft, non-slip rubber surface for tools and equipment.

Table cloth or bar mat for the “man cave”.

Make a habit of watching the games with friends? Bring the feel of the field to your living room, home theater or man cave. All you’ve got to do is throw a segment of synthetic grass over your table or bar top. Within seconds, you’ve got a top-notch, readymade bar mat. And the best part? Synthetic turf is great for capturing crumbs and mess within the blades of grass, and there’s no washing required. Simply spray it down with the hose after the game, and you’re good to go for next time. Simple!

Arts & crafts around the home.

Put the ‘art‘ back into ‘artificial grass’ – this one’s all about getting creative. We’ve seen some inspired uses for artificial turf over the years. From quirky placemats for the barbeque table setting, to grassy-green street numbers cut from artificial turf, to seat and table covers for the kids’ playhouse furniture, to outdoor and camping rugs, and even toilet surrounds! Take a look at some inspiration and let your imagination run wild! There are very few limits on what you can do with fake grass for crafts, the only limit is your imagination.

Pacific Grass & Turf has synthetic grass options to suit every application and budget, plus your decision to have it installed will eventually pay for itself. So contact Pacific Grass & Turf today and let us help you find the most affordable and attractive synthetic grass solutions for your property.

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