13 Feb 2018

The Evolution Of Artificial Grass

The trend in recent years is individuals changing to a synthetic yard for its cost-effectiveness, as well as environmental factors. There have been many turf debates questioning the use of an artificial lawn, but more and more people have started switching their lawns to artificial turf. It was initially introduced on football fields in the 1960s, but now critics are finding out the advantages of having it in their yard. Today, HOA’s, schools, as well as various other companies have actually realized the benefits and the lifetime of savings that come from synthetic grass, which has increased its installation rate. So is artificial grass the lawn of the future? We think so!

Times Are Changing For Synthetic Lawns

Many individuals were not fans of artificial grass when they initially appeared. They believed it was rigid, rough, and also hazardous when it got wet, and it would hurt when you fell on it. Most people may not have realized it actually altered throughout the years and has become more suitable for commercial and residential lawns. Artificial grass companies have actually found advanced alterations making synthetic grass a much more superior product to that of the past.

The Benefits Of Today’s Artificial Turf

Today, athletic directors are certainly not the only ones enjoying the brand-new synthetic turf updates. Homeowners have now jumped on the trend and are enjoying it in their own yard. Bid farewell to your household landscape design issues as well as the expensive upkeep expenditures. You could have an attractive and affordable exterior or interior yard that enhances the value of your residence for years to come!

Nowadays, artificial lawns are not the boring and flat looking products they use of to be. Artificial turf has endured a few rough patches since its creation, but now it is a lifestyle choice that will change the future of your landscape. See how Pacific Grass & Turf can help you transform your lawn with synthetic turf.

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