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14 Feb 2018

Create a Backyard Dog Run with Artificial Grass

Dogs need to exercise. They also need an outdoor area where they can run free and burn all their energy. If you’re a dog owner, you probably take your dog on a daily walk for just these reasons. But did you know you can also create a safe place for them to run and play in your own backyard? Instead of going to the dog park or taking your dog on a daily walk, consider creating a backyard dog run.

A backyard dog run is a designated area where you can allow your dog to run without worrying about ruining the grass. One of the most popular materials for backyard dog runs is artificial grass. Why synthetic grass? Here are the reasons why Pacific Grass & Turf recommends synthetic grass for creating backyard dog runs.

It’s Durable and Soft

Most dogs love to dig and chew up things. While natural grass will surely get destroyed by your pet, synthetic turf will remain beautiful and healthy even if your dog enjoys digging and chewing. Synthetic turf is extremely durable, making it the perfect outdoor solution for dog runs. But it’s also soft and forgiving underfoot, which means your dog can also relax and roll around on the turf without hurting its bones and muscles.

It’s Non-Toxic

When it comes to building a dog run, it’s important to make sure that the materials you use are safe for dogs. This means that you can’t build the dog run around poisonous plants or flowers. You also want to make sure it’s not around any sharp materials, so that your dog can’t get hurt. Fortunately, artificial grass is safe for your dog. It is non-toxic and soft.

Pacific Grass & Turf has been designing and installing synthetic grass dog runs for decades. Our quality and experience is unmatched, contact us today to learn how a synthetic grass dog run can benefit your pet.

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  1. Add up the costs you’ll incur keeping a grass lawn alive and healthy over 20 years (including water, irrigation systems, maintenance equipment such as lawn mowers and weed eaters, and fertilizer) and the long term cost benefits of artificial grass start looking pretty good to just about any homeowner.

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