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09 Apr 2018

Corporate Campuses Benefit from Synthetic Grass

In the South Bay, a hot new business trend that is developing is the creation of large “corporate campuses.” Think of huge companies like Google, Facebook, and Pixar, that have very large campuses that provide ample parking areas, gardens, athletic facilities, dining and recreational spaces. By design, these campuses host thousands of staff, visitors, and clients each day, and all of these people traverse the campus regularly. Understandably, large campuses like this can be a challenge to keep clean, safe and healthy.

How can Companies Meet the Needs of Their Staff and Delight their Customers?

We believe we have the ideal solution for corporate campuses. San Jose artificial grass will not only hold up to the heavy traffic, it will save your business money on maintenance costs and watering expenses.

Installing artificial turf will have numerous benefits for your corporate campus, and you can even use it areas where you might not think to use grass – say indoors, under trees, along shady walkways, and more. By making sure your staff have a peaceful green space to enjoy during the work day, you will be promoting wellness, morale, and productivity. When you compare installing natural grass, and all the work entailed, not to mention having to keep people off of it while its growing, to artificial grass, which is ready to use the same day it is installed, and is super low-maintenance, the choice seems obvious.

What are the Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Corporate Landscapes?

We have a variety of artificial grass options for corporate campuses, and can design to suit any existing or brand-new landscaping. All of Pacific Grass & Turfs synthetic grasses are made in the USA, lead-free, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. We also offer an industry-leading warranty on products and workmanship, and some of the benefits you can expect from your synthetic grass are:

  • Low-Maintenance: Our artificial grasses are simple and quick to maintain in any setting, including corporate campuses.
  • Make Your Campus More Attractive: By installing artificial grass, your campus will become more impressive and visually appealing to staff and customers alike. The low-maintenance aspect ensures your campus looks great all year-round.
  • Bring the Outdoors In: Installing synthetic turf indoors will add an element of nature and fun to any office space, improving the efficiency of your staff and the enjoyment of your customers.
  • Simple, Quick Installation: Artificial grass can be installed just about anywhere, and never needs “keep off the grass” signs. Its ready to use as soon as its installed.
  • Improvement in the businesses: Green areas promote the idea of wellness, and demonstrate your company’s investment in the wellbeing of its customers and staff. You can also expect property value and curb appeal to increase.
  • Eco-friendly landscapes: Synthetic turf lawns are environmental superstars, because not only do they eliminate the need for lots of water, you won’t have to worry about toxic runoff from pest and herbicides, the noise and air pollution from gas-powered lawn equipment, and synthetic grass is recyclable.

There are countless benefits to incorporating artificial grass into your corporate landscape. And if you’re hunting for the the best artificial grass installer, then Pacific Grass & Turf is the right one. With over 2 decades of experience, and the best artificial turf products, our service is unmatched. Contact us today for a free design consultation, and see what a difference synthetic makes.

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