benefits of artificial playground turf

14 Feb 2018

Benefits of Artificial Playground Turf

Little is more vital to parents than protecting their children. Our world is filled with potential hazards to children beyond parental control, so it is only logical that we look for things we can control to keep our kids safe and healthy. The benefits of artificial playground turf make it an ideal solution. Modern technology and improvements have made artificial grass for playgrounds a popular, safe and cost-effective choice.

Children love to play on grass, whether it’s some team sport or simply running around with other kids or pets. Unfortunately, natural grass can present certain safety or health issues for kids. Some are obvious, others are things we don’t typically think about.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Playground Turf?

1. Synthetic Grass for Play Areas are Safer for Children

Unlike other play area surfaces, synthetic grass is both more durable and safer for children. In fact, there are a number of playground hazards that synthetic grass can readily address to help lessen safety risks for all the children in the community.

Natural grass develops surface inconsistencies that may easily trip up a child. Who is looking at the ground when they are racing to catch a fly ball or chasing the dog around the yard? Natural grass doesn’t drain very well, especially given that many of us in the Bay Area have clay-type soils. That means those surface irregularities turn into muddy puddles when it rains, making it easier for your child to slip and fall. Even without the puddles, natural grass can become slippery when it’s wet.

Artificial grass does not. Nor will it develop bare patches or holes, because neither your mischievous dog nor those problematic gophers can dig through synthetic turf. Besides, combined with our multi-level installation system, synthetic grass drains away moisture much more effectively than real grass under any conditions. And it dries faster, too. All of these attributes add up to a safer play surface for children.

Improper Playground Surfaces

improper playground serviceOver the years, playgrounds have gone through several kinds of surfaces. These include rocks, cement, brick, stone, gravel and even natural grass. The problem with all these is that none of them are really appropriate to be used on playgrounds. In fact, they can also cause some serious abrasion injuries especially when the children become quite active during playtime.

In contrast, synthetic grass can surround the entire playground with a soft surface, giving children much needed injury protection from cuts or abrasions. Not to mention, this kind of grass makes running around much more comfortable especially for younger children with very delicate and sensitive feet.

Inadequate Fall Zone

In every playground, an effective fall zone must be established. The fall zone refers to the area right under and around all of the playground equipment. Ideally, it should extend a minimum of six feet in all directions around the equipment. Moreover, it should also offer a protective surfacing material that can help prevent serious fall injuries. Unfortunately, it is estimated that only 25 percent of public playgrounds have impact-absorbing surfaces around their playground equipment. This may be the reason why 70 percent of playground equipment-related injuries involve a child’s fall to the surface.

inadequate fall zoneWith artificial grass, you can choose from a variety of padding and infill to create the safest, most effective “fall zone” possible. Current improvements in synthetic grass technology  provides additional protection and cushioning against any fall that occurs from more than five feet. And because it absorbs impact, it can significantly lessen the risk of serious injuries.

Here at Pacific Grass & Turf, we offer many options for safety and padding under play structures. You want your kids to have maximum outdoor fun, but every parent worries about injuries. Synthetic grass technology actually cushions falls from as high as 5 feet. Natural grass may feel soft on your bare feet, but it won’t feel soft when your kid lands on it after falling from the swings.

Trip Hazards

What most public playground developers fail to address is change in vertical height between the playground area and the concrete surface next to it. To be as safe as possible, there should be no drop between the two surfaces. The problem is, most playground surfaces do not address this requirement. In contrast, the additional benefits of artificial playground turf, like ensuring that there is an even transition from the concrete edge to the synthetic grass to help keep children from getting tripped as they leave the playground will keep kids safer.

Worn Out Surface Material

A lot of surface material on playgrounds tend to get worn out easily. And when they deteriorate and even chip away, they can pose safety risks to the children playing. With the benefits of artificial playground turf, this would never be an issue as it is durable enough to stay in good condition for a decade or more. It is also very easy to maintain too so that playground staff can easily give it a good clean before any child comes to play in the morning.

It should also be noted that with synthetic grass for play areas, children will be able to access the playground safely all year round. And because they get to be active 365 days of the year, this could contribute to bringing down the rate of childhood obesity in the country. Indeed, not only is synthetic grass a safer option for a children’s playground, it’s the healthier choice too.


2. Artificial Turf Play Areas Keep Your Kids and Your Home Cleaner

Have you ever noticed that children seem to be magnets for dirt? As the son of one of our staff says, “kids are just noise with dirt on them!” Whether this is true or not, kids do seem to attract skinned knees, dirty hands and grass stained clothing, all from just a quick trip outdoors. Many assume that it is fruitless effort to combat these little mess-makers. They just assume it is the nature of children to get dirty while sliding down slides, swinging on swing sets, or playing in forts, but we are happy to show you an alternative.

What if  there was some way to reduce (or even eliminate) the mess associated with children and outdoor play? Just ponder this for a moment: By minimizing the initial mess, you effectively reduce the amounts of grass, dirt, and pollen from being tracked into your home after some outdoor fun. Allow us to introduce synthetic grass. Yet another of the many benefits of artificial playground turf!

3. Environmental Benefits of Artificial Playground Turf

Chemical free

Artificial grass is much safer than your natural grass as you will no longer need to use unnatural and harmful chemicals like weed-killers, pesticides or fertilizers. Your lawn will stay luscious without poisoning the earth with these contaminating chemicals.


lawn care is hazardous to your healthLow-maintenance artificial grass means no more mowing! Lawn mowers are either electric or petrol powered and this is not good for the environment. A 2001 study into the amount of fumes emitted by gas powered lawn mowers revealed that mowing the lawn for an hour resulted in the same amount of toxic fumes being emitted into the environment as driving a car for ninety-three miles.

Reducing the use of lawn-mowers also means a decrease in carbon monoxide emissions. If ingested at a high level, carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal. However, even at a low level, carbon monoxide can cause neurological damage.

Save on water

Hot summers usually bring a watering ban, or if not then a rather large water bill landing in your mailbox. Artificial grass maintains its healthy and natural color without a drop of water, saving you money on your bill as well as saving water.

4. Artificial Grass Benefits your Health

Grass allergies are a toughie

allergies are a toughieMore and more children are developing allergies to grass and grass pollen. Allergy symptoms can manifest in various symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, and skin rash and swelling, sometimes, even more severe symptoms that can include asthma. Grass allergies can even escalate to anaphylaxis, which is often life-threatening, in some children.

The only way to avoid getting sick is to stay away from natural grass. In fact, doctors frequently recommend that people with grass allergies stay indoors with the windows closed. If you have to go outside, wear clothing that covers your arms and legs – and wash them right away. Or your child can take medication every day. What parent wants to put their kids through all that? (Or yourself? Pets can suffer from grass allergies, too.)

WebMD recommends, Rethink your lawn.” Good idea.

Artificial turf is allergen-free

It is not actual, living, growing grass, so it will never produce the pollen that triggers allergy symptoms. It is made from non-allergenic and non-toxic materials, so it does not bring potentially dangerous chemicals into your home. This one a popular one of the benefits of artificial playground turf, as many clients will attest.

Lawn care is hazardous to your health

Installing synthetic grass eliminates all that tedious mowing. But it also eradicates the need to apply pesticides and fertilizers that contain chemicals hazardous to humans and animals alike. Children can breathe in these toxins as well as absorb them directly through their skin and clothes. With a synthetic turf playground installed by Pacific Grass & Turf, your children are safer, and so is the environment.

If these benefits of artificial playground turf are not enough to convince you that it’s a great idea to have a synthetic grass play areas installed, we don’t know what is.

Why Choose Pacific Grass & Turf?

Pacific Grass & Turf has been installing synthetic grass in Northern California for decades, and has the knowledge and experience to ensure that only the highest quality products are used, and that your installation with be smooth and stress-free. Contact us today, and discover what a difference the benefits of artificial playground turf can make in your children’s lives.

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