battle california drought with synthetic grass

03 Apr 2018

Battle California Droughts with Synthetic Grass

As the price of water in California climbs higher and higher, you might easily be spending over $1200 a year, just to keep you natural grass lawn looking healthy and green. Unfortunately, this trend is bound to continue, and make water even more expensive.

California is a breathtaking state, even though she is constantly plagued by droughts. The National Weather Service has determined that the past few years have been the driest in recent history. And despite the fact that we have had a fair bit of rain over the past few weeks, our water levels are still critically low. Even the heavy downpours we had recently are not enough to counter years of dry conditions. Every one of us should do our best to save water where can.

In order to keep your home’s natural grass lawn lush and healthy, it will require frequent watering, and even more so in drought-stricken California. Water can become rationed so closely that it becomes illegal to actually water your grass, and then what do you do?

Most Californians are aware that the sunny summer days can quickly turn a lovely green lawn into dusty, crunchy patches of half-dead grass and dirt spots. An average lawn, of roughly 1000 sqft uses approximately 56, 000 gallons of water per year to keep it healthy and lush.

If you are tired of doing battle with California’s drought conditions, we have the solution! Have Pacific Grass & Turf install a beautiful, low-maintenance synthetic grass lawn, and start saving gallons and dollars instantly!

Artificial Grass Never Needs Watering

Synthetic turf has many advantages, but for California communities, one of the biggest ones is that it does not require watering – ever! So, when we are plagued with water shortages, rationing, or rising water prices, you can eliminate the natural grass lawn entirely. Few people realize how much time and money it takes to actually maintain a traditional grass lawn.

With a synthetic grass lawn, you can savor all the benefits of saving money, and helping save the planet, while also getting a beautiful, verdant green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. You will never have to worry about having an unattractive yard again, not matter how tightly water is being rationed.

Contact Pacific Grass & Turf today, and start winning the California drought battle with synthetic grass.

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