12 Apr 2018

Backyard Putting Green Cost For Installation

For you hard-core golfers, is there anything better than being outside on the golf range practicing (except maybe actually playing 9 or 18 holes). As all golfers know, a game of golf is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging. And playing golf can be a great social activity – while also leading to improved mood and reduced levels of stress and anxiety. Coupled with an escape from the hassles of day-to-day living the game can provide great relaxation.

One question we hear all the time is how much does a backyard putting green cost? There are several factors that we consider when calculating backyard putting green cost estimates. So if you’re wondering how much does it cost to put a putting green in your yard

But, like every type of sport, becoming great at golfing means a lot of practice. For anyone who is dreaming of having their own personal putting green in their backyard, or just can’t find several hours a day for devoting to trips to the driving range or all the of money you will be spending on green fees, installing a backyard putting green can be very convenient as well as a great way to save you money in the long run.

Cost of Building a Putting Green in Your Backyard

Before we discuss the cost of installing an artificial grass putting green, let’s compare the costs of going to the driving range or golf course.

Costs of Playing At the Golf Course or Driving Range

In the Sacramento area, an 18-hole round of golf at one of our local courses can run anywhere from $18-$45. When you think about how often you would like to hit the links, and add in the price of clubs, shoes, golf cart rental, and other equipment, most golfers spend a few thousand dollars a year to play golf. If you have been playing for a number of years, then those costs really add up!

Backyard Putting Green Cost for Natural Grasses

Installing a backyard golf green costs significantly less than frequent visits to the golf course of driving range. Homeowners have choices when it comes to installing backyard putting greens. The most popular choice is artificial grass for backyard golf greens. Most golf instructors and professional prefer synthetic turf for their home golf greens. Live, natural grass is certainly an option for golfers, and can be wonderful– if you have a professional gardener, or the budget to take care of it. Natural grass requires much more care and attention that synthetic grass ever will. Golf greens of live grass need daily watering, constant grooming, pest and weed control, all of which cost money and time.

The University of Arkansas conducted research on the what a natural grass golf green costs to maintain.  This is what they determined it costs to install and care for a 1000 sq ft backyard golf green every year:

  • Greens mower ($1,000 to $5,000)
  • Mower sharpening ($100/year)
  • Rootzone ($500 to $1,500)
  • Cup (hole) cutter, cups and flagsticks ($300)
  • Fertilizer ($75/year)
  • Fungicide ($150/year)
  • Insecticide($50/year)
  • Creeping bentgrass seed ($50) or
  • Tifdwarf, TifEagle or Miniverde sprigs ($150 to $300)
  • Time (priceless)

Synthetic Grass Backyard Putting Greens

Artificial turf golf greens are becoming more and more popular in the Sacramento area, largely in part to the improvements in artificial turf technology. Pacific Grass & Turf is proud to offer some of the best synthetic putting greens available on the market today. Our synthetic turf provides the look, feel, and play of natural grass, without the expensive and time-consuming maintenance. Typically, a installing a backyard putting green costs much less over its lifespan than traditional, natural grass. And one of the best things about an artificial grass golf green? It can be installed very quickly in just about any yard, and will be ready to play on that very same day. You certainly don’t get that benefit from natural grass.

We custom design each backyard golf green to suit your tastes, skill level, and budget.

Building a putting green in your backyard can help you shave precious strokes off of your handicap, and give you an edge over your competitors. If you are thinking about building a golfer’s paradise in your yard, but have no idea where to even start, we can help. Figuring out what this installation will cost you can be tricky.

We understand, because the whole point of having a personal backyard putting green installed is to customize it, to ensure your golf skills are challenged, but you can still have fun. Every backyard, and every golfer are different, and in our years serving the Sacramento area, we have never built two identical backyard golf greens.

Pacific Grass & Turf can install the putting green of your fantasies, complete with bunkers, water or sand traps, and chipping areas so you can practice the game you love without leaving the privacy of your backyard.

Having synthetic grass installed for a backyard putting green costs start from $15 – $25 a square foot, and typically lasts 10-15 years or more with proper care and maintenance.  Of course these costs will vary, depending on several factors. Read on as we discuss some of those factors below.

Artificial Turf Backyard Putting Green Cost: Pricing Factors to Think About

Size and Purpose of the Putting Green

The first decision to be made, before any others is to determine, they size and location of the intended putting green. This alone will be a large factor in what the backyard putting green cost will be. The level of customization and special features added will impact the final cost of the project. before The size and type of putting green you choose to install will have a direct impact on the cost of the project. The wonderful thing about backyard putting greens, is that they can be installed just about anywhere, so you can go for a small, compact green in a cozy corner, or you can opt for a larger, more complicated one. Considering exactly how your backyard golf green can help improve your skills in another way to make sure your green suits your needs.

Synthetic Grass Options for Putting Greens

Pacific Grass & Turf offers several varieties of artificial grass that are perfect for putting. We can also incorporate other colors, textures and lengths of synthetic turf for roughs, fringes, and just about any other customization you can dream up. Additionally, artificial grass incorporates beautifully into any existing landscape, and your dream backyard can extend far beyond a backyard putting green.

Additional Customizations for Artificial Grass Golf Greens

More often than not, when a client looks through our portfolio, they get more ideas on making their backyard putting green truly one-of-a-kind. Some of those ideas include:

  • Flagsticks – while the number of holes you have on a green will not impact the cost much, custom flagsticks and flags are an option that will.
  • Fringe – all of Pacific Grass & Turf’s putting surfaces are installed with fringe, but some golfers prefer a third and fourth cut of fringe
  • Bunkers – available in either sand or grass
Preparing for Installation of Synthetic Grass Putting Greens

Our installation team will prepare the ground prior to building your backyard golf green, and these preparations will include leveling and compacting the surface, constructing bunkers, holes, and special features. The ground preparation is a fundamental part of the installation process, and as such it will also affect your final backyard putting green cost.

Considering Installing a Putting Green in your Backyard?

As an avid golfer, you’ve made investments in tee time, clubs, equipment, and so much more. Installing a backyard putting green from Pacific Grass & Turf is another great investment you can make in your golf game. While the initial installation costs may seem daunting, we can guarantee that you will see returns on your investment in the way of saving on watering and landscaping costs, course fees, and gas too and from the course or driving range. All of these benefits can be yours, in addition to shaving strokes off of your short game. When you weigh all of those benefits against the backyard putting green cost, it seems reasonable. And if you are not convinced yet, the value of your home will likely increase after you install a synthetic turf golf green in your backyard.

Contact Pacific Grass & Turf today to schedule a FREE design consultation, and find out how soon you can be improving your golf game.

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