backyard movie night with synthetic grass

27 Feb 2018

Backyard Movie Night with Synthetic Grass

Summer is nearly upon us, and before it fully gears up, you might want to do something to get the most out of your backyard space. Something that will entertain you and yours through the summer and beyond. Something that allows you to take full advantage of that beautiful new expanse of synthetic grass you had installed. Something for the whole family, or heck, even the whole neighborhood.

May we make a suggestion? How about a backyard cinema? It may seem a daunting task initially, but with your new synthetic grass lawn, it will be even simpler than ever.

Nearly everyone enjoys a good movie now and again, and instead of the same old cushion on the couch, why not project your favorites onto an outdoor screen and enjoy a cinema experience outdoors on a balmy summer evening. You can bring out the lawn chairs, blankets and pillows, popcorn and snacks, and enjoy a private showing!

If you follow these easy steps, you can be entertaining the neighborhood in no time!

1. Choose a Space

Depending on your particular yard, you may have numerous options, or just one, for placing your outdoor theater. But in general, you will need access to power, and an area free of distracting street lights, traffic, wind or noise.

2. Choose a Screen

You really only have two choices when it comes to your big screen. Make one, or buy one.

Making one is relatively simple, you can use a white sheet or shower curtain hung up, or even a plain white or light-colored wall. The options of screen available for purchase are staggering, and not our area of expertise…

3. Choose Your Equipment

These items will be according to your preference, but you will need a digital, dvd, or blu-ray player, a projector, and speakers for the complete movie theater experience. We recommend doing your research on these before making a purchase.

4. Choose Your Settings

Your projector and speakers will need to be adjusted to get proper audio and visual quality. You will need to make a few tweaks here and there to get the image at the right size, color and sharpness for your screen. Many factors can change image and overall sound quality, so it may take some trial and error before you get the settings just right, and it’s a good idea to work all the bugs out before your red-carpet premiere.

5. Choose Your Specifics for the Night

Romance or Comedy? Film Noir, or animation? Oscar Party? Midnight murder mystery or all night Star Wars marathon? The possibilities are endless, and you will never get bored with a backyard movie theater. A double bonus? No sticky floor or popcorn ground into your carpet. A movie night on synthetic grass makes clean-up a breeze!

While summertime is the perfect time of year for outdoor movies, this arrangement can be used at any time of year. Sometimes it’s fun to bundle up and watch a winter themed film in the cool of November air, or a scary movie at night on a Halloween weekend. Outdoor theaters offer endless opportunities for entertainment, and you can even stage “live” performances too! So go ahead, and host that luau and throw Endless Summer up on your backyard screen while you sip mai tais on your synthetic grass lawn.

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