artistic uses for synthetic grass

30 Mar 2018

Artistic Ways to Use Synthetic Grass

We talk often about all of the practical uses for synthetic grass, and there are some great ones– but what about some artistic and whimsical uses?

If you have just made the investment in artificial grass for your home or commercial property, then you may have some remnants left over. If you were nudged toward the decision to install artificial grass by its eco-friendly attributes, then throwing away the scraps may seem wasteful to you. We understand!

We would like to let you in on a little secret! Working in this industry for as long as we have, we have seen some folks get pretty creative with the scraps of synthetic turf left over after an installation. Whether you are the crafty sort or not, you can’t deny some of these ideas are pretty clever. So read on, enjoy, and then let us know some of your ideas for crafty ways to use synthetic grass!

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Trick Out Tables

fake grass table runnerThis is a fun way to bring a bit of the outdoors in! You can add a table runner, or even cover the entire surface with synthetic grass for a fun, organic feel. Easter dinner anyone? Synthetic grass with colorful eggs and flowers as your table centerpiece? Green shag for a St Patrick’s day party? Turf mimicking a football field for Super Bowl Sunday? The possibilities are endless!

Your table will resemble a lush field of grass, and can brighten a rainy day family meal, just as easily as it can add elegance to a baby shower. You can extend this to end tables, bar tops, and so much more, either indoors or out. And no matter how you use it, spills are no problem, since you can simply rinse off the piece of turf and use it again.

Be sure to take some pictures before you eat the food, as people are going to love seeing what you have done.

Spectacular Seating

fake grass stoolsBenches, folding chairs, and stools? Boring! You can apply synthetic grass to the saddles of stools, bench seats, and even “upholster” chairs with it for a truly one-of-a-kind seating experience. The visual appearance will be striking, and then factor in the tactile experience of sinking into a grassy armchair, and your guest will be talking about it for weeks!

This is a simple job that can be done in very little time and without any great DIY skills being needed. You can do this to indoor and outdoor furniture alinke, and bring a little lush green paradise to wherever you sit down to relax.

Wake Up Water Features

artificial grass with pondWater features such as ponds or fountains are a great way to add movement and life to your garden, but beyond installing them, they pretty much get left alone. It may not occur to many homeowners to enhance its beauty even more, with the creative application of some synthetic turf.

You can try weaving strips of it into a path of sorts across your pond, or creating intricate patterns at the base of a fountain. The turf will hold up beautifully to any moisture and won’t get muddy or slippery either.

Splash Pad for Swimmers

fake grass poolsInstalling a synthetic grass border around your swimming pool has several advantages. First of, it looks beautiful, and is much more inviting than a concrete pool surround.

Apart from that, it will also help you to get a beautiful, natural look to your swimming pool. The green grass contrasts beautifully with water and will give you a fantastic look very easily.

The surface of the synthetic grass is actually safer for swimmers too! With no puddles or slippery spots, they can walk from pool to house safely! When it comes to drying off after a swim, too, the kids will prefer sitting on synthetic grass than hot concrete.

Fantastic Funhouse

fake grass hobbit houseOne of the most unusual but brilliant looking ways of using synthetic grass is to make a playhouse styled like a Hobbit house. This type of house, which is usually small, rounded and with a sod (enter synthetic turf) on the roof, is a lot of fun to look at and could be used as a playhouse for the kids, an office for your, or even a guest cottage.

Even if you don’t go the LOTR route, you can use synthetic grass in a tree house, fort, or any other play area the kids enjoy.

Wallpaper With It

fake grass wallsThe walls, fences and barriers on your property are another place you can get creative with artificial grass. Using it vertically adds interest, height, and tactile interest to your landscaping, and you won’t have to worry about it going wild like ivy or shrubs.

You need to put some thought into where within the house or garden this would look best, and then design a shape or pattern for that area. Maybe you will fix it to your external walls or find some part inside the house where it looks great. You can even play with different lengths, textures and colors of synthetic grass to design something truly unique.

Write a Message

fake grass lettersRemember, synthetic grass is easy to trim into any shape, so you can literally write messages with it. How adorable for a wedding decoration to put the couples initials in grass? You certainly don’t have to limit yourself to words, you can make mazes, mandalas, even a chess board out of synthetic grass.

This could be a birthday greeting, a wedding celebration or any other type of message that you want to get across in a memorable way. By spelling it out with artificial turf you can make a huge impression and bring smiles to a few faces at the same time.

There is certainly no reason to carry on only using grass in the traditional way when there are so many exciting and artistic approaches you could choose instead. Just let your imagination run wild, and you are sure to find a clever use for the grass that lingers long in the memory of everyone who sees it.

Don’t forget to to let us know which applications you tried and loved!

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