artificial grass pros and cons

26 Mar 2018

Artificial Grass Pros and Cons for Homeowners

Artificial Grass Pros and Cons

Being a native Californian, I have learned that drought conditions are more the norm than the exception. It seems many other Northern California homeowners have had that same realization, and are beginning to see the value in drought resistant alternatives to a traditional, natural grass lawn. When you are considering drought-resistant landscaping, and weighing artificial grass pros and cons, here are some reasons that homeowners are switching to Sacramento artificial turf from Pacific Grass & Turf.

The Pros of Artificial Grass:

1. Artificial Grass Saves Water

With near constant-drought in California, water use and rationing are everyone’s mind, homeowners and politicians alike. In California, the water savings from a synthetic lawn has been enough to drive one legislator to unveil a bill to protect those who want to go synthetic.

“There’s nothing fake about the water savings that will result from this bill,” Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez said. “We proved that brown could in fact be beautiful. Still, some homeowners prefer a green, drought resistant artificial lawn. They should be applauded for their conservation actions, not penalized.”

2. Artificial Grass reduces Allergens and Dust

Grass allergies are very common, and no matter how much you love your natural grass lawn, it is a constant source of allergy-triggering pollen. This pollen (and other contaminants) easily find their way into your home, and can make you miserable if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Another check on the pro side on the artificial grass pros and cons list. Synthetic grass lawns, however, never grows, so it doesn’t produce any of that irritating pollen. Now you can roll around in the grass and truly enjoy your yard, without the sniffles, or itchy, watery eyes.

3. Artificial Grass Never Needs Mowing

Other than the kids going around the neighborhood cutting grass, I don’t think many folks actually enjoy mowing the lawn. It can be hot, sweaty, and labor intensive. Another concern with mowing is the expense. From the initial purchase of the lawnmower, to the fuel, and time lost, maintaining natural grass is far from cheap. Those gas-powered mowers and weed whackers, by the way, emit as much emissions as a 100 mile car-trip.

In fact, when a homeowner considers that a synthetic lawn can recoup its cost in 3 to 5 years, while mowing lasts as long as your lawn does, it’s no wonder homeowners are making the switch.

4. Artificial Grass Stays Lush and Green All Year Round

As mentioned in point #1 above, much of the state of California is in drought conditions. It is very common to see parched, dead lawns on every block during a Northern california summer. With synthetic lawns, homeowners get a perfect green lawn no matter what the weather or water restrictions say.

5. Artificial Grass Needs Little Attention

With a synthetic lawn, it’s not just the lawnmower that goes away. Edging, weeding and other time-consuming tasks disappear, replaced by time to admire a gorgeous yard and enjoy fun with family.

6. Synthetic Grass can Stabilize Slopes and Hillsides

When it comes to artificial grass pros and cons, one challenge can be the existing landscaping. In some areas, they have installed synthetic grass to stabilize hillsides and slopes. Due to the structures required underneath synthetic grass, it is ideal for this application, and looks nice too. Most synthetic lawns must be installed over a soil stabilizing fabric layer, and because water won’t make the synthetic lawn slide away, it can have a great stabilizing effect on a slope or hill.

7. Synthetic Grass Reduces Glare and Heat

One myth about artificial grass is that it is hot. In fact, a properly installed artificial grass lawn in a residential setting will give off no more heat than a standard grass landscaping. Adding shady areas, or even a quick rinse with a garden hose will keep your synthetic grass cool and comfortable.

8. Reduced need for pesticides

In today’s environmentally-conscious climate, the need for pesticides by homeowners has been diminishing steadily. You will never have to pollute the ground and water with hazardous pesticides again, since synthetic grass is never plagued with insects.

9. Increasing the fun

Children love to play outside. In most yards, the ability to play depends on whether the yard is wet or dry, hot or cold, muddy or dusty. If you install a synthetic grass lawn, anytime is playtime! Synthetic grass is safer, smoother, and far more resilient than a natural grass lawn.

10. A quick, easy makeover

Even after natural grass has been installed, it requires a lot of attention and babying to keep it looking healthy and lush. Natural grass is subject to the weather, temperature, animals, and so much more that you simply cannot control. With artificial grass, none of the issues will challenge you ever again. Artificial grass installs quickly, and is ready to use and enjoy immediately.

The Cons of Synthetic Grass:

Well, we can’t think of any at the moment. Perhaps you won’t enjoy saving time, money and energy? If you can think of anything to add, let us know…

The decision to change to a synthetic turf lawn can be a challenging one, and it is important to consider the  artificial grass pros and cons before you decide if its right for you. If you do make the decision to make the switch to synthetic, there are many advantages that will ensure you’ll be happy with your choice for many years to come. Contact Pacific Grass & Turf today, and schedule a free design consultation.

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