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09 Mar 2018

7 Ways to Incorporate Flowers into a Synthetic Grass Landscape

Adding Color to Your Synthetic Grass Garden

During our years of installing synthetic grass, we have often been asked if it still okay to use live plants and flowers in and around synthetic grass landscaping. The answer is a resounding “yes!” Honestly, after you make the switch to synthetic grass, you might find that you are able to cultivate and enjoy an even more colorful and lively garden than you have in the past.

If you are eager to incorporate some flowers into your artificial grass landscape, then read on for some of our favorite ways to accomplish that.

Put Flowers in Pots and Containers

container gardensPlanting in pots or containers is a great idea for adding flowers to your yard. Using containers allows you a lot of flexibility, as you can put them directly onto the synthetic grass without fear of bald spots or damage.

You also have the ability to rearrange your pots and containers as often as you like, so you can suit your tastes, no matter how often they change. You will be able to get very creative when doing this, as you will find that suitable containers come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Just make sure that you choose containers with drainage holes so that the plants don’t sit in stagnant water. Having done that, it is then just a question of choosing the right flowers and carefully placing the containers in the best possible location.

Use Hanging Plant Baskets

hanging flower basketHanging plant baskets give another alternative for incorporating flowers into your synthetic grass landscape. Hanging baskets offer a dimensional aspect to your garden as well, and since they never actually have to be on the surface of your lawn, you ever have to worry. The use of hanging baskets also gives any outdoor space a new breath of life.

There are countless styles of hanging baskets out there, and you can even make your own out of repurposed materials. You can custom tailor these to compliment the design of your home and landscape.

After that it is a question of finding the perfect flowers and finding the ideal locations to hang them. This is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and hang your baskets in a way that really catches the eye.

Use Raised Flower Beds

raised flower bedPossibly the simplest way to add flowers to your synthetic grass landscape is by using raised flower beds around the edges of your lawn. This allows you to plant as many colorful flowers without affecting your new synthetic grass lawn.

Raised beds are quick and easy for any homeowner to build, and you can use wood, recycled railroad ties, bricks, stone, or just about any material that styles like your home. Then simply fill the beds in soil and plant away.

It is better to put raised beds around the outside of the lawn rather than on it, as this will give the plants the space that they need to put down roots and also for drainage purposes.

Fit the Grass around Existing Flower Beds

grass around flower bedsIf you have existing flower beds already, and you want to leave them where they are, you can custom fit your synthetic grass around them..

Artificial grass can be cut to fit any size project, so you will get a custom-tailored garden that looks cohesive even after your brand new synthetic grass lawn is installed.

Of course, this makes the process of putting down the lawn a little bit trickier, but certainly not impossible, and the design experts at Pacific Grass & Turf are experienced with meeting your individual landscape needs.

Go for Low Maintenance Plants and Flowers

succulent gardenOne of the likely reasons that you chose a synthetic grass lawn is the first place is the low-maintenance. So it seems logical that you might favor a similar characteristic in your flowers as well.

In this way, you will get a beautiful, enjoyable garden that does not need a lot of work to keep it looking great. This can be ideal if you lead a busy life and aren’t all that interested in babysitting your landscaping.

This can be a catalyst for many homeowners to consider xeriscaping, or eco-friendly landscaping solutions. Synthetic turf is a great start, as it never needs watering, mowing or chemicals, and you can build on that by researching drought-tolerant plants in your area.

Add Rocks and Stones

add stones to fake grassA great way to add some texture and depth to your synthetic grass lawn is with the use of stones or rocks. From pearly quartz gravel, to large river rocks and granite slabs, stone features add depth, variety and interest to a garden.

The possibilities are endless, and your choices will depend on the look you are going for, your home’s styling, and the terrain of your landscaping. You might have to experiment a bit before you find the right fit, but the visual interest of stones will add to your landscape’s appeal.

It can be fun to play around with different ideas as you look for the perfect way to get the look you are after. You can also then move the stones around from time to time whenever you want a new look.

Add Color All Year Round

Finally, we can’t forget that one of the big benefits of synthetic grass is that it stays green and lush all year round no matter what weather conditions are like. Why not use this as your inspiration to find plants and flowers that also add color and life for the whole year too?

Your local greenhouse or nursery will be a great resource for you here, as they can tell you which plants will do better when and where. With a little research, though, you can enjoy a lush garden paradise all year round, complimented by a beautiful synthetic grass lawn.

The combination of the right plants or flowers and a quality artificial grass lawn adds up to a beautiful look that you will love. This will give you a attractive outdoor space where it is a genuine pleasure to spend some time or to show off your lawn to visitors.

Check out our gallery here for examples.

Why Pacific Grass & Turf?

When you choose artificial grass you get more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades. We install Global Syn-Turf artificial grass for residential landscapes that matches the look and feel of real grass. Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance. Keep your residence looking pristine with artificial grass landscaping from Pacific Grass & Turf, your artificial turf company in Sacramento.

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