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23 Mar 2018

6 Reasons to Add Synthetic Grass to Your Office

Artificial grass isn’t just for outdoors.

There are so many creative ways we have seen local homeowners integrate synthetic grass into their homes. We have also seen just as many creative ways for business owners to do the same for their “office” environment.

Read on, and we will discuss some of the reasons to incorporate synthetic grass into your office “landscape”

1. First Impressions Matter

When a visitor walks up to your front door, what is their first impression?

In reality, some offices are sterile and generic, while other stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Installing synthetic grass in your waiting or reception areas is a fantastic way to make sure your visitors get a unique welcome to your commercial property. This kind of “welcome” makes an impact and gets people talking about your brand or business. This also makes people walk away from your business with a positive experience to remember, and one they are not likely to forget in a hurry.

As the old adage goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression…” So it’s important to go for a style that impresses as soon as a customer steps into your building, and stays with them long after they leave.

2. Inspire with a Natural Look

More and more businesses are seeking a more natural look for their premises. There are several reason why this is a good strategy, and adding a few plants, trees or synthetic grass to a generic office building can really make a positive impact.

Primarily, a more natural environment benefits your staff. You may find that installing a synthetic grass floor, for example, increases morale and productivity amongst your staff.

No matter what goals challenge your employees, providing them with a stylish and exciting environment to work in will certainly add to their motivation and drive.

Providing a more natural working environment for your staff may slo keep them healthier and more fit over the long term. This will also increase productivity and help you retain your employees.

3. Brighten the Atmosphere

No one likes a dark, gloomy atmosphere (unless you are heavily into the goth scene), and you staff with be more effective in a bright, pleasant workspace. Synthetic grass can be a great way to perk up any office building, simply, quickly, and without a lot of maintenance to look forward to.

The team will love going in to work in a bright and attractive office that is floored with high-quality synthetic turf. This could give a big uplift in productivity and morale levels of the employees, all at the same time.

Installing synthetic grass in your office building may come as a shock to some, but it will give your building a fresh, updated, and eco-friendly appearance, and may even draw more clients as a result.

4. Make It Relaxing and Homey

office artificial grassThe simple addition of some lush, verdant synthetic grass can rapidly transform a dull, lifeless office into an exciting and relaxing place to go. If your team regularly pulls long hours, or overtime, this can be a doubly effective benefit.

By installing synthetic grass in the staff break room or meeting room, you are providing a change of pace, and a fresh atmosphere for your business to grow. It make take a little while to get used to seeing your staff barefoot on the grass during their breaks, but we guarantee they will be happier and more productive for it!

You can anticipate some major benefits for your staff, your customers, and your entire company. You will notice fewer sick days, improved employee morale, and increased productivity, simply because you provided an atmosphere conducive to those things.

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5. Stay within Budget

Any improvements to a commercial office space can me expensive, particularly if you have a large space that needs updating. Making your budget stretch that far can be a major headache for a company.

The good news in this respect is that synthetic grass is often a very cost efficient approach for flooring in a large office. Of course, we don’t want you to think that this is an unreachable goal. Installing synthetic grass in your office building may be one of the smartest decisions you ever make for your company.

6. Show Your Creativity

The only limit to the uses of artificial grass is your imagination. The floor is definitely not the only place for it. If you are in a creative industry, the options are limitless. You can make wall art with synthetic grass, cover chairs, tables, or even a ceiling with it.

Synthetic grass is easy to cut, so you can make any shape or pattern you like, and even if you tuck small synthetic grass features throughout your property, the look will still be unique and set your facility apart from your competition.

Need some creative ideas? Check out our article on uncommon uses for synthetic grass

If you want to get a better office to work in and enjoy, then getting started by choosing synthetic grass for decoration is a great move. You won’t regret using this versatile and attractive material.

If you are considering installing synthetic grass at your office or commercial property, contact the experts at Pacific Grass & Turf today. We can help you design a durable and beautiful landscape for your place of business.

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