common landscape woes solved with synthetic grass

26 Feb 2018

5 Common Landscape Woes Solved with Synthetic Grass

Many of us grew up with that All-American ideal: the cute house with a white picket fence surrounding a lush, verdant green lawn. Most of us have worked very hard to realize our individual version of the American Dream, and do our utmost to make sure our “personal landscape” is always looking its best.

What no one tells you growing up, though, is that keeping a lawn looking its best requires weeding, watering, mowing, and other labor-intensive chores. So, we either to choose to take on this undertaking ourselves, or we hire a professional gardener.

We would like to give you a better option – synthetic grass installed by Pacific Grass & Turf.

You can conquer the top 5 landscape woes that property owners face with synthetic grass.

Challenge # 1: Uncooperative Landscape

We all want to have pristine yard, but there are numerous factors can make that even more challenging than usual. Perhaps you live on a hillside, have rocky soil, or are plagued by gophers, as many of us are in the Sacramento area. Sometimes, no matter how green your thumb, certain obstacles just can’t be combated. We have the perfect solution to transform an unattractive yard into a lush green paradise.

When your environment is unappealing, it generally means you tend to spend less time in it, and its functionality diminishes. It can be frustrating to have plenty of space to throw a backyard barbeque for the neighbors, but realize that space that isn’t comfortable or appealing to use. Maybe even the kids don’t want to play in the yard anymore, and the only one who goes back there is the dog.

When you purchased your home, you also made an investment in the land it sits on. Why not create additional enjoyable space around your home for you and your family to use!
No one can argue that hearing the laughter of your children playing in the backyard through an open window isn’t lovely.

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Challenge # 2: Watering

watering woesNatural grass requires a LOT of watering, if you want to keep it alive, that is. In California, we are regularly plagued with drought and water restrictions. How maddening is it to baby your lawn all spring, and get it looking beautiful, just in time to watch it wither and die because of watering restrictions. Many homeowners don’t really think about how many gallons of water it takes to keep a natural grass lawn healthy.

Of course this will vary by locale, but on average, a Northern California homeowner will devote nearly one half of its household water usage to outdoor irrigation. In the Sacramento area, the average 2000 square foot lawn guzzles over 50,000 gallons of water a year. Allow us to present a better option, that is better for the planet and your wallet. Synthetic grass does not need to be watered, and the money you save on your water bills will pay for the synthetic grass long before it shows any signs of wearing out.

Challenge # 3: Expensive to Maintain

Regardless of whether you pay a landscaper to maintain your yard or you do it yourself, the expenses add up quickly. It is not unheard of to spend over $1,000 a year on a good gardener around here, and that is in addition to watering costs!

When you install a synthetic grass lawn, your maintenance requirements will be whittled down to near nothing. Typically, the only “work” your new synthetic grass will require is the occasional hose down, brushing or blowing. No mowing, seeding, watering, or dangerous fertilizers or pesticides.This goes hand in hand with our next challenge…

Challenge # 4: Time is Precious

time is preciousDoes anyone out there every actually finish their entire to-do list in a single day? Despite our best efforts, most of us probably answer, “no.” Our time is at least as valuable, if not more valuable, than money.

For parents, taxiing the kids to karate or helping coach a the local soccer team team eats up a lot of hours in a week. Maybe once in awhile you’d like to carve out an hour or two to do something you enjoy as well. Which would you prefer; teaching your daughter how to fish? Going for a hike with the dogs? Or spending the best part of your weekend performing lawn care? I think we know what the least popular answer will be, already.

Installing Synthetic Grass Gives You More time…

Challenge # 5: Furry Worries

Finally, there are countless animal lovers that want a nice looking lawn AND their pets. Unfortunately these two things are typically not compatible. As much joy as our furry friends add to our lives, they bring an equal number of challenges too. Often in the way of freshly dug holes in lawns, muddy paws, or yellow dead patches of grass.

Synthetic grass from Pacific Grass & Turf is really the most ideal landscaping solution for homeowners with pets. Our turf products can handle anything your fur-babies can dish out, and look beautiful while doing it.

In conclusion, if you are leaning toward installing synthetic grass at your home, Pacific Grass & Turf has options to suit every application and budget, plus your decision to have it installed will eventually pay for itself. So contact Pacific Grass & Turf today and let us help you find the most affordable and attractive synthetic grass solutions for your property.

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