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04 Apr 2018

10 Indoor Athletic Facilities Using Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf manufacturing has come a long way over recent years.

Synthetic grasses now look and feel like natural grass. synthetic turf has been used for years in indoor football fields, but because of its durability, safety, and low maintenance, it is now being used for more indoor sporting facilities than ever before.

Read on to discover the top 10 indoor athletic facilities that use indoor turf.

10 Sports Facilities Using Sports Turf

Take a look at the following ten sports facilities using synthetic sports turf to enhance both the appearance and function of their facility.


Synthetic turf provides a comfortable, durable, and safe surface for indoor playgrounds.

In addition to provide a beautiful appearance all year round, synthetic turf for playgrounds provides a surface that lessens the impact of unexpected slips and falls. This prevents injuries on the playground, which keeps parents and their children happy.


The United States Naval, Air Force, and Military academies use synthetic turf for their indoor training fields. synthetic turf is durable and strong, perfect for intense military training.

Fitness Centers

More and more fitness centers are installing synthetic turf for the durability, cleanliness, and the appearance. In addition, synthetic turf can accommodate the intense agility drills required by more extreme fitness programs like Insanity and CrossFit.

Football Fields

Professional, college, and recreational teams have long used synthetic turf as a playing surface. synthetic fields are less costly and easier to maintain.

Indoor Golfing Ranges

Synthetic grass is perfect for indoor golfing ranges, such as this one. Indoor ranges allow golfers to enjoy a couple of rounds in any weather condition.

Soccer Fields

Synthetic turf can transform indoor spaces into soccer fields. Synthetic turf is durable, fire resistant, and it provides grass-like playability.

Baseball Batting Cages

The University of Illinois-Chicago has a turf baseball diamond field that covers over 30,000 square feet of floor space. The indoor turf field provides student-athletes with a training area during cold weather. This allows players to continually improve their game. It eliminates bad weather as an obstacle to practice.

Softball Fields

Indoor softball facilities use synthetic turf for indoor fields. These facilities can host game-play, team practices, lessons, camps, and clinics. Indoor fields provide a comfortable environment for both players and spectators.

Rugby Fields

Indoor rugby fields use synthetic turf to create a playing field for play all season long. The versatility and quality of synthetic turf make it an excellent training resource. In addition, its ability to withstand the rigors of rugby training makes it a great choice for rugby playing surfaces.

Lacrosse Fields

Synthetic turf is ideal for indoor lacrosse facilities. These centers often host leagues, camps, and other events. The turf provides an ideal playing environment.


Synthetic turf is a great solution for a number of indoor sporting and recreational facilities, providing both a healthy appearance as well as functional benefits, including additional safety, durability, and strength.

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