unnatural chemistry of natural grass

08 Mar 2018

Natural Grass – Surprisingly Unnatural

It is happening, despite the bad rap synthetic grass received from the days of AstroTurf, homeowners are warming up to the idea synthetic grass lawns. Due to its eco-friendly nature, and solid investment status, more and more people are choosing synthetic over natural grass when it comes to their homes. Another factor contributing to the increase in popularity of synthetic grass is that people are realizing just how much unnatural chemistry goes into keeping a “natural” grass lawn healthy and verdant.


It may sound like we are reaching, but I assure you, there are some very legitimate ideas growing among environmentalists about synthetic grass. The first one is that traditional, natural grass is typically not native to the habitats we plant it in.

Maintaining a natural grass lawn, no matter the species, takes research, money, time, and a lot of work. Oftentimes, homeowners may resort to a quick fix to save time or funds on maintenance. In many cases, these “quick fixes” cause more problems than they solve, and can decimate the micro-habitats underneath the grass (worms, insect colonies, root systems, etc. ) that actually have vital roles in your local ecosystem. The chemicals frequently contained in lawn care supplies are highly toxic and present health risks to humans and animals alike. These risks can even include learning disabilities and cancer.

These same chemicals soak into the earth every time you water, and turn into runoff that will polute your local creeks, streams, and oceans. Whatever substances you use on your lawn, no matter how well-meaning you are with your lawn care, eventually runs downstream, polluting everything in its path. So, even though “natural” grass seems like the obvious winner in the eco-friendly race, it actually has a negative impact on our local environments.

Synthetic grass lawns are a safer, and much lower-maintenance solution to needy traditional grass. Synthetic lawns never need “aesthetic adjustment,” nor chemical enhancement, and modern incarnations of artificial grass look so much like the real thing, that most people can’t even tell the difference until they actually touch it.

In stark contrast to natural grass, synthetic lawns look gorgeous and green all year round, without the use of hazardous chemicals, gallons of water, or polluting lawn-care equipment. So, ironically, the artificial grass wins over natural grass where chemicals are concerned.


The average American household dedicates as much as ⅓ of all residential water usage to landscape needs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In California, we are often hit with water shortages because of frequent drought conditions. In our region, devoting that much water to lawn maintenance just doesn’t make sense any more.

Synthetic grass eliminates the need for thousands of gallons of water each year.


Depending on the type of grass you have, your region and climate. A traditional lawn may require 2-3 applications of fertilizer every year to keep it healthy through the winter and summer seasons.

A naturally healthy lawn is able to smother weed growth on its own, but the trick is getting your grass to the point where it can accomplish this without your “chemical” help.

Many grass fertilizers can help mitigate weeds, but it is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Synthetic grass is a low-maintenance, eco- and budget-friendly alternative to traditional, natural lawns, and all the work and expense that comes with them.

Yard Work

If it’s natural, it should come naturally, right? Yeah, not so much with natural grass. Mowers, weed whackers, edgers, aerators? Agreed, it is not the hardest work in the universe, but it is a reminder to us that natural grass is in fact, not so “natural” after all, and that why it take so much work to keep healthy in our habitats.

Learn How Synthetic Grass is Saving The Planet Here.

Staying Green

Let’s be honest, we all love the lush green look, and soft texture of a beautiful, natural grass lawn, but if you spend more time taking care of your grass than you do actually enjoying it, then we have a way to change that for the better. Take the unexpectedly natural approach to lawn care, with an artificial grass lawn from Pacific Grass & Turf. Contact us today for a FREE design

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