14 Feb 2018

Improve Your Child’s Play Area By Eliminating The Mess with Synthetic Grass

Have you ever noticed that children seem to be magnets for dirt? As the son of one of our staff says,” kids are just noise with dirt on them!” Whether this is true or not, kids do seem to attract skinned knees, dirty hands and grass stained clothing, just from a quick trip outdoors. Many assume that it is fruitless effort to combat these little mess-makers. They just assume it is the nature of children to get dirty while sliding down slides, swinging on swing sets, or playing in forts, but we are happy to show you an alternative.

What if  there was some way to reduce (or even eliminate) the mess associated with children and outdoor play? Just ponder this for a moment: By minimizing the initial mess, you effectively reduce the amounts of grass, dirt, and pollen from being tracked into your home after some outdoor fun. Allow us to introduce Synthetic Grass.

Pacific Grass & Turf offers solutions to do away with the mess that can come from your children’s play area. By installing synthetic grass, you eliminate mud and grass stains from the scenario immediately and completely. The worry of your little mud-monster turning your home into a Jackson Pollock painting is gone!  Synthetic grass not only creates a cleaner environment for your child to play in, but it also creates an attractive, verdant green lawn that will outlast even the hardest play.

With a synthetic grass play area from Pacific Grass & Turf, you can relax, knowing your child will have a great time playing outdoors, without tracking a mess back into the house. Synthetic Grass can even make it safer for your kids too. During the installation process, all the dips and valleys that can easily trip up a child are removed, leaving a smooth play surface and reducing injuries. We can even install an additional shock absorbing layer, which can further protect your child from falls!

There are a lot of “pro’s” for our artificial turf. Below are just a few:

Check out our synthetic grass options in out Product Comparison Guide and choose the perfect look for your lawn. Your child(ren) and home will thank you for it in the long run!

Pacific Grass & Turf has been installing synthetic grass play areas in Northern California for decades.  We can help you choose the right synthetic grass solution to keep your home and your children cleaner and healthier. Contact us and discover what a difference quality and experience make.

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