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07 Mar 2018

Artificial Grass can Keep Schools Safer and Cleaner

It is very rare to see a school without a playground or field of some sort. Those same fields and playgrounds, however can lead to a variety of problems. A major concern is the issue of dirty classrooms and hallways. A second concern is the safety issues that may stem from a natural grass lawn. Regardless of the reason, (sports, PE, recess, etc.) natural grass areas can create a multitude of issues for schools.

Countless children run, roll, jump, walk and skip through those grassy areas daily, and at a moments notice, your school could be a muddy mess, or a student injured in a freak accident. What if there was something you could do to reduce the mess, and decrease the risk of injuries? Well, there is, simply by having Pacific Grass & Turf install artificial grass at your school facility.

Artificial Grass Keeps Schools Cleaner

Artificial grass has a lot of benefits, and one of the favorites is that it keeps everything cleaner. Synthetic grass drains much better than natural grass, so you won’t have to deal with puddles and slippery floors. In addition to cleanliness, this reduces the likelihood that someone slips and falls on a wet floor. Artificial grass also dries quickly, and your students will be able to return outdoors that much sooner.

You won’t need to worry about those rain puddles turning into mud puddles. Muddy floors are just as hazardous as wet ones, and on top of a traffic pile up in the halls, your grassy fields end up looking barren and trampled after the rainy season.

Artificial Grass Keeps Schools Safer

Not only will artificial grass help keep your campus and classrooms clean, but you may have also realized it is a great way to keep staff and students safer. It’s much better for students to be in their classes, than in the nurse’s office. Fall injuries are common on playground areas, and artificial grass can be padded and provide much safer fall-zones than natural grass does. This minimizes injuries of falls from any height, but also reduced the risk of head injuries during falls.

These are certainly not the only benefits of installing artificial grass at schools, here are a few more:

Artificial grass is the best alternative to a natural grass lawn. Contact the experts at Pacific Grass & Turf today to learn how installing synthetic grass can benefit your school!

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