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What We're All About

There are no two ways about it, maintaining a lush manicured lawn takes time and costs money.

On average, 70% of your water bill comes from watering your yard. You will spend your precious few weekend hours mowing, fertilizing, and watering your yard. You can shell out big bucks to have a professional tend to your landscape. But why? You could spend that time and money enjoying your life. Fertilizers and herbicides are expensive and dangerous for the environment. So why spend time, money, and resources on a never-ending battle?

There is no time like the present to take action and get ahead of the game. Take your weekend back, fire your lawn guy, and let Pacific Grass & Turf guide you into the future of stress-free lawn care. Our synthetic grass is engineered to cut the cost associated with maintaining your lawn. It is the year-round green lawn that keeps extra green in your wallet.

Do away with watering and maintenance fees and your synthetic grass pays for itself. Check out some of our work below!