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Imagine having a lush vibrant, green and healthy grass lawn every day of the year for your San Jose, California residence or your business property. Imagine never having to mow, fertilize, weed or water your grass again. Imagine never having to worry about wasting valuable time pursuing the perfect grass lawn. Imagine the difference.


Residential - Artificial Grass San Jose, CA

Being a Bay Area business ourselves, we know weather in San Jose, California can even the best green thumbs. Consider an artificial grass lawn for your home. Imagine a lush green oasis of a realistic lawn without any irrigation, chemicals, equipment or time consuming maintenance. Our product is produced with 100% recycled materials. The polyethylene blade is UV protected and resistant to all that mother nature can throw at it. As well, our cryogenic recycled infill system will provide a safe cushion surface for children and pets.


Commercial - Artificial Grass San Jose, CA

First impressions are of the utmost importance when you are in business. Much time can be spent on landscaping and weekly maintenance of your property, only to be disappointed with the results, let alone the cost . Thousands can be invested on sprinkler systems and landscape companies as well. Our climate is becoming more unpredictable and our fresh water supply is in jeopardy. Increase the value of your property and your business with artificial grass and landscaping.

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Our Artificial Grass Lawn Installation Process

Our installation technicians will investigate all aspects of the install and pre determine several key elements necessary for a perfect base of which to lay down the artificial grass. They will come by and discuss locates for all power lines, phone lines, cables, water lines and so on. They will determine if the grade of the property is correct, whether any fill is needed, roots or rocks to be removed as well.

Once this has been done the old grass is then removed and a correction if necessary is made to grading. Technicians will then install any borders that have been purchased and or garden edging. A limestone screening base is then put down over the entire area. The Artificial Grass is then cut, trimmed and seamed together to cover the area. Landscape pegs are used to hold down the grass. Lastly the cryogenic infill system is raked into the lawn to provide a safe, soft surface for you to enjoy for years to come.


Artifical Grass Products for San Jose, CA

Central Park Green:
Imagine the most perfectly manicured, lush, solid green lawn. Made of 100% recycled material, this strong, long lasting, polyethylene grass will provide years of enjoyment. Comes with an 8 year warranty.

Monte Carlo:
This AGL grass choice is a unique 2-tone polyethylene blade combining the look of half Bluegrass and half Fescue. This creates a lush, full and healthly looking lawn - without all of the hard work, pesticides, fertilizers and maintenance. Comes with an 8 year warranty.

Blend right in. This 100% recycled material combination of silks and polyethylene fibers, provide a softer, more neighborhood look to your property. Blended with light and dark fibers you would never know its Artificial. Comes with an 8 year warranty.

This brand of AGL Grass is a gorgeous 2-tone blend of grass blades, similar in color to our Riviera, but without the sheen look. Once again, a polyethylene grass providing strength and durability for years to come. Comes with an 8 year warranty.

Call 1-855-782-4736 or email us today to learn more about our Artifical Grass Lawns for San Jose, California.


Articific Grass Lawn Products - Specifications

The Grass Blades:
Our polyethylene grass blade is non-porous, and will withstand challenges such as staining, animal waste, road salts, chlorine and is also UV protected and fire resistant. We can also stitch in color blades or logos to make the area more distinctive.

The Backing:
The 52 ounce fiber weight and the 3/8” stitch rate is more attractive, tougher and more durable. You also don't get the infill splash effect that you get with lower quality products. It also gives a nice foundation to support the blades and rubber infill while having perforation to allow for proper drainage. The backing also has a fiberglass inlay to prevent it from stretching.

The Infill:
Our cryogenically frozen rubber infill granules are made from a special technique where the metals and fibers are extracted from old tires, then the rubber is frozen. This process does not allow it to break down, change shape or release any toxins.
We do not use any sand in our infill, so there is no potential for retention of water, mold, bacteria or weed growth. Another benefit is that it will not get hard after it has been challenged by the elements.


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